Week 30: Marti Cleveland-Innes

Who needs leadership? Social problems, change and education futures


Week 30: Marti Cleveland-Innes
This week we are pleased to welcome Marti Cleveland-Innes, who will talk on the topic of: Who needs leadership? Social problems, change and education futures. Here's her blog. Here is her page at Athabasca. And here is her LinkedIn page.

Be sure to read the introductory article summarizing this week's topic and leading you to more readings for week30.

This week's live online session with Marti Cleveland-Innes: Wednesday April 11 at 1pm Eastern (Check your time zone) The session will be held here in Blackboard Collaborate.


Who needs leadership? Article by Marti Cleveland-Innes April 9, 2012
Across the globe in the last decades, pervasive technology and notable socio-economic dynamism have changed our society. This change has made it increasingly difficult for education to operate in insular ways; attention to changing demographics, global economies, new social mores and new information and communication technologies is vitally important. week30