Web-Based Activities

On this page we list all the off-site activities, services and events course participants plan on their own (and send us a message about - we can't publicize what we don't know).

Change11 Skypers Group
Ian Hall, Weblog, September 29, 2011. Web-based Activity: Ian Hall writes, "(I) would be interested in starting up a Change11 Skypers group for all particpants. Group can share questions, files and challenges.. with each other. Any question can be type into the area for all to see and respond to it. Participants can get together for online discussions in large groups..more than 10 All the written communication can be save into document for viewing my many, (see attached document) (Google + was limit of 10)plus cannot save the months pf written discussion. With the group called "Change11 Skypers" With myself subscribing to Skype other members do not have to pay the $10 a month only leader of group does. Free to all except myself. My Change 2011 Blog is here. A Google Plus group could be sent up as well (see here). A iMind Map link. Let's talk about it."

Change11Es Facebook Group
Various Authors, Facebook, September 15, 2011. Web-based Activity: Spanish language Facebook group. "Espacio en español dentro del curso #change11 http://change.mooc.ca/index.html Un curso en línea libre es muy diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados. Nosotros creamos los espacios donde interactuamos.Los tutores seleccionados por Downes , Siemens y Cornier, cada semana ofrecerán algunas lecturas y recursos, pero nosotros elegimos los lugares para debatir, y èste es uno. En Tw usaremos #change11es."

Change11 Diigo Group
Various Authors, Diigo, September 15, 2011. Web-based Activity: Mark Morley writes, "A Diigo Group is available for shared bookmarking and annotations at http://groups.diigo.com/group/change11".

Jeff Lebow, JeffLebow.net, September 14, 2011. Web-based Activity: Jeff Lebow writes, "Hello all. Jeff Lebow here in Busan Korea where I work in a Teacher Training Program. I am especially interested in 'Computer Assisted Language Learning' and how educators can bring some 'open and online' to their own teaching. I've been streaming weekly webcasts on the topic of MOOC's (although Stephen might disagree) and OER in general. http://jefflebow.net/node/252 For now they take place at 1400GMT on Wednesdays. Archives at: http://jefflebow.net/taxonomy/term/54 All are welcome to join in the conversation.

Change11 Facebook Group
Lars Was, Facebook, September 14, 2011. Web-based Activity: Lars Was writes, "As I will be attending the Change11 MOOC, I've taken the liberty to create a group in Facebook called "Change11". It's an open group, anyone can participate. Maybe you could share it in your next Daily, so we can start to get to know each other a bit better, before the course actually starts." Done!

OpenStudy Group
Ashwin Ram, OpenStudy, September 14, 2011. Web-based Activity: Ashwin Ram writes, "We've created an OpenStudy group for the Change MOOC. The best way to add it as a suggested resource is to embed a small widget that lets your participants see the interactions while on your course page. Here's an example from MIT's Intro CS course - the OpenStudy group is in the left column. It's easy to embed - just a one-line script (just like adding a link)."