Week 13: Clark Quinn

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Week 13 - Clark Quinn
This week we are delighted to welcome Clark Quinn.

Clark Quinn has worked with new media for learning for about 30 years now in a variety of roles focusing on the design of innovative and yet pragmatic solutions. He has been an academic teaching interaction design while researching learning technology design, and held several senior management positions in the elearning space.

He works through Quinnovation, is the author of Engaging Learning: Designing e-Learning Simulation Games, is a member of the Internet Time Alliance, and speaks and publishes regularly in the usual places. #week13


Slow Learning Article by Clark Quinn December 5, 2011
Our formal learning approaches too often don’t follow how our brains really work. We have magic now; we can summon up powerful programs to do our bidding, gaze through webcams across distances, and bring anyone and anything to pretty much anywhere. Our limitations are no longer the technology, but our imaginations. The question is, what are we, and should be, doing with this technology? Also posted here. #week13