Week 31: Diana Laurillard

Digital support for teaching as a design science


Week 31: Diana Laurillard
Teaching is changing. It is no longer simply about passing on knowledge to the next
generation. Teachers in the 21st century, in all educational sectors, have to cope
with an ever-changing cultural and technological environment. Teaching is now a
design science. Like other design professionals - architects, engineers, town planners, programmers – teachers have to work out creative and evidence-based ways of improving what they do. But teaching is not treated as a design profession. week31


Digital support for teaching as a design science Article by Diana Laurillard April 17, 2012
In this MOOC week I'd like to debate and explore this issue with you. A 21st century education system needs teachers who work collaboratively to design effective and innovative teaching. Can digital technologies help teachers design effective 'pedagogical patterns' (or 'learning designs', or 'lesson plans', or 'teaching -learning activity sequences')? week31