Week 9: Dave Cormier

Rhizomatic Learning - why we teach.

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2011-11-10 12:00,: Live Session with Dave Cormier - The next live session of the week is planned for Tuesday, November 8th at 1pm Eastern Time (north america). Dave will be leading the session and audience interaction is expected.


Rhizomatic Learning – Responses for day 1
Reflections by Dave on some thoughts that came out of the first day of rhizomatic learning week09 at #change11.

Welcome to Week 9: Dave Cormier
In week09 , one of the course facilitators, Dave Cormier, presents his work on rhizomatic learning. Dave has been developing his ideas in this area for several years. This week is a good opportunity to dive into the mind of Dave and explore how his rhizome-model of learning. In particular, this is a great week to discuss other models of learning and knowledge that share similar network or distributed orientations: actor network theory and connectivism. What do these have in common? Where do they diverge? Are they compatible?

The rhizome model is a bit complex on the surface, largely because it introduces new language and metaphors. However, for those that have grappled with rhizomatic learning, an almost intuitive appeal arises quickly. Rhizomes offer a way of thinking about learning and growth that resonates with the experiences of many networked/connected individuals. Enjoy the week...and don't forget to blog/share/tweet/discuss!!


Week 09 - Dave Cormier Rhizomatic Learning Article by Cormier November 6, 2011
It's my week at #change11. My topic for week09 ? Rhizomatic Learning.

I wrote an introduction to Week 09 on my blog that I had planned to post here, but as a discussion has already started over there, I'll just direct you to that conversation. It introduces the concept of of rhizomatic learning and links to a number of posts and ideas that I've written on the subject over the last few years.