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How revolutionary are MOOCs and their spin-offs? Some tentative predictions #change11 #opco12

Commentary by brainysmurf () on link by mdeimann, How revolutionary are MOOCs and their spin-offs? Some tentative predictions #change11 #opco12, May 22, 2012.

I appreciate this analysis and respectfully disagree with several points.

I don't believe that moocs only have a place as an add-on or option next to a basic university course. I have acquired deep skills, knowledge and 'serious learning' through self-directed and facilitated learning in moocs over the past two years, both in quality and quantity that would be difficult or impossible to acquire if it were mandated and controlled by someone else. The speed, volume, depth and breadth of knowledge that I have been exposed to in moocs is unlike anything that a fixed curriculum and set of required readings could provide to me as a learner.

I disagree that "To unfold the educational potentials of these applications we need expert users that can provide scenarios for specific purposes." Each of us can *become* expert users of these tools through risk, effort, practice, failure and more practice. As a user, I become aware of the educational potential and limitations of social media applications as I try to apply them to my needs and circumstances. Again, I don't need an expert to do this for me. I might *consult* with experts for advice and guidance but I rely on my own experience to feel out what works and what doesn't in any given situation.

Moocs are far more than TV channel switching. They are opportunities to decide for oneself what to watch, read, listen to, discuss and create. And, if a mooc participant simply wants to keep switching channels, that's fine too. And therein lies the part that drives traditional education crazy: teachers don't hold the remote control anymore, nor do they control what is broadcasted. (Hits Today: 2811 Total: 2811)

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