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Who will come to my MOOC party?

Commentary by brainysmurf () on link by jupidu, Who will come to my MOOC party?, May 17, 2012.

Thanks, jupidu! What a great set of questions to reflect upon.

#change11 affected my personal and professional life in many ways. It solidified my belief in self-directed, connected, networked learning as the best way to learn, for me and for many others. I bring these principles into my daily life and work. #change11 reminds me to risk, to explore, to dare, to challenge and to have fun learning.

Like yourself and several others, I participated in all 35 weeks. It wasn't hard at all because I know that I have permission (from the mooc facilitators, participants and from myself) to be more/less active in any given week. That freedom is unique to moocs and I won't settle for anything less now.

Personal highlights:
- learning how to blog (thanks to Giulia, Bon, Jenny and Mark in NZ for the inspiration and thanks to all who viewed over 3000 times, read and commented!)
- guest blogging for my work and for this course (thanks, Liz!)
- finding usefulness in Twitter, HootSuite, FaceBook, Wordle, LinkedIn and Diigo (
- LOVED the presentations by Nancy White and Bon Stewart
- remembering to ask good questions (thanks, Jaap!)
- making time for diverse viewpoints (thanks, AK and John Mak)
- finally making a mindmap for #cck12 (thanks to what I learned in #change11)
- being able to articulate how I make time for social, networked learning
- having a classroom learning experience to compare/contrast with this mooc
- continuing to have access to brilliant minds like Stephen, George, Dave and Clark Quinn
- my interview for Colin's mooc research project (special thanks to Lou!)
- all the laughs and links and drawings and quirky comments we shared in the live sessions (thank you, all!)

In the future, I will always be looking out for excellent moocs that reflect the same practices they preach (not just any open activity that wants to call itself a mooc). I've registered for #fslt12 and can't wait to see what Jenny has in store for us. I'll use #change11 as a tag for as long as I remember to, particularly in my Diigo bookmarks.

My name is brainysmurf and I am a moocaholic. :)
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