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Week 33 of the #change11 MOOC: Scholars' online participation and practices

Commentary by mrearick () on link by George Veletsianos, Week 33 of the #change11 MOOC: Scholars’ online participation and practices, May 01, 2012.

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Dear George,
This substantive introduction, with links to the article by Selwyn, N. & Grant, L. Learning, Media, and Technology. London Knowledge Lab, London. Vol. 34, No 2, June 209, 79-86 and the connection to the three articles that you either authored or co-authored that shed some light on scholars and faculty member's lived experiences in social networks. Thank you for providing members of Change11 a structure for investigating our own and our colleagues experiences with social networking. Selwyn and Grant's review of the literature nicely frames the dialogue concerning learning, media, and technology. "Scholars and Faculty Members' Lived Experiences in Social Networks," co-authored by you and Royce Kimmons provides a clear picture of the methodology that was used for interviewing faculty members on their experiences. In that study, you interviewed three faculty members regarding their use of social networking services, and shared what you learned by interviewing those three individuals. The conclusions then suggested questions that can be used to guide further research... This framework is useful.
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