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What's in a name?

Commentary by brainysmurf () on link by , What's in a name?, Apr 12, 2012.

Thanks, AK, you've reminded me of a great learning experience that I hadn't thought of in many years. During one of my undergrad courses (nearly two decades ago), I had an elderly psychology professor who offered all students a choice of delivery format:
1. A three-hour weekly lecture that he would deliver (very dry!) plus a few written exams OR
2. A biweekly seminar class led entirely by student presentations (twice each during the semester), without exams.

For me, this was a no-brainer: give me the seminars, please! I found it strange that only a dozen or so of my peers chose this route. The others didn't seem to want the responsibility (or anxiety?) of developing and delivering 90 minute presentations of their own, so they chose to grind it out through the tedious Friday-morning lectures and subsequent exams.

In five years of post-secondary education, he was the only prof to offer us this option. Looking back, I'd have to call him pretty progressive for his time. (Hits Today: 1721 Total: 1721)

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