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Slow Learning with Clark Quinn

Commentary by scott HJ () on link by Ben Samuels, Slow Learning with Clark Quinn, Jan 05, 2012.


Great posting and an important question. I too really enjoy the MOOC experience, the responding to blogs that fires up my own thinking and the digging deeper into into subjects introduced here. Self-directed learning suits my sense of independence but it just occurred to me this afternoon (while loading a quiz into a course on our LMS) that the image of the hearty individual alone and so cleverly self-actualized learning their way through the MOOC jungle is a really very shallow approach to both the material and the presence of so many interesting people.

I too would like to take my MOOCing past the level of mere interest. My engagement here is real and the experience is intellectually fulfilling but there still remains a detachment that's a bit like Alice being able to step back through the mirror into the "real world" with its real accountability.

If virtual worlds are going to be places where many people get much of their education then it seems we need to build in the perception of consequence. That what we do here matters not just here but also "outside" where we all actually live. To my mind, education already suffers from being only actual unto itself. Why create a world online that further detaches us from our learning?

What sort of project were you thinking of? A number of the more active bloggers have posed questions throughout and I can think of some, but rather than get bogged down in selecting "the significant question", I'm willing to take a run at almost anything.

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