Setting goals and expectations

Now that you've had a chance to get a bit of an overview of how open online courses are run, the technical components (grsshopper), you might find it helpful to think about what *you* want to get out of this course. What will make it a successful experience?

Take a few moments and reflect on your goals. Do you have something tangible in mind? Perhaps you're here to create a personal network and connect with colleagues. Or perhaps your goal is to spend time working with different technologies that you've heard about, but haven't had time to experiment with. Or perhaps you're here to contribute your knowledge of emerging technologies with colleagues. Regardless of what you've set for goals for #change11, and how firmly or clearly you've defined your goals, consider sharing them via a blog post or tumblr post. You can set up a free blog through sites like edublogs or tumblr. Add your blog to the course blog feed here and, if you use the #change11 tag in your post, it will be aggregated into the Daily.

Another important criteria for enjoying an open course, from our experience, relates to expectations. This is an open online course. That means you'll receive way more information that you can possibly read or make sense of. Don't expect to consume it all. If it's important, you'll come across it again. In terms of technology - we've run these courses for several years and have made significant progress in terms of format and delivery. However, technology is technology. Things go wrong. Expect it. Failure is part of experimentation. You will likely also find that it takes persistence, time, and effort to connect with others. That absolutely brilliant blog post you wrote may not receive the quality of feedback that you expect.

We encourage you to take the mindset that this course is a journey. We have plans and an itinerary. But things will go wrong. Plans will change. Not every meal will be stellar. Not every site can be explored to the depth that you desire. Sometimes your fellow travellers will get on your nerves. However, at the end of the journey, we *expect* that we'll have made good friends, great memories, and will have been enriched by the journey.