Week 09 - Dave Cormier Rhizomatic Learning

By Cormier
Nov 06, 2011

It's my week at #change11. My topic for week09 ? Rhizomatic Learning.

I wrote an introduction on my blog that I had planned to post here, but as a discussion has already started over there, I'll just direct you to that conversation. It introduces the concept of the rhizome and links to a number of posts and ideas that I've written on the subject over the last few years.

I'd like to focus on the what i'm hoping for out of this week. I'd like to challenge you to think about rhizomatic learning, and how it would or wouldn't work for you. Pick a specific part of your practice, and work out the effects (good or bad) that it would have on those involved.

Giulia Forsythe also has a challenge for you on her blog. http://gforsythe.ca/2011/11/06/rhizome-remix/ you should check that out too. She also does a kinder job of introducing me than i would...

If those don't work for you, come to the session on Tuesday. Or, if you can't make it, you can check out the last draft of that session on youtube. http://youtu.be/W_uo0lhH-2I

More than anything I hope that you'll engage with the ideas from this week and make them better... and I hope that you'll find something in it that works for you, even if that's in realizing how your perspective is different from mine.


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