Set Up Your Social Web

Welcome to Day 3 of the Change MOOC orientation week. Today it's all about setting up your social web. Here's an introduction to the social web aspect of this online course.

In particular, once you are logged in, you should click on the Options link in the upper right hand corner of course pages. Clicking on this takes you to your options page, where you can manage your online presence in This page lets you manage your social network in the course.

We would especially like to encourage you to add your blog or RSS feed. We will aggregate the posts you write over the year, and if you use the #change11 tag in the title, body or category of your post, we'll be able to link to it in the course newsletter and make it available in the content viewer. To submit your feed, click on the Add a New Feed link. This will take you to a form where you can add your feed information.

Visit and reload the the blog viewer page - we'll be approving and harvesting starting this evening.