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#change11 Double, double, toil and trouble ...

Commentary by wayUpNorth (Jim Stauffer) on link by Sue Hellman, #change11 Double, double, toil and trouble ..., Sept 25, 2011.

My thoughts on innovation and one-size-fits-all: One reason creative or innovative educational solutions work so well in the first place, is that they are usually uniquely suited to the particular situation where they originated. When everyone jumps on the bandwagon and it becomes the norm, they lose sight of the original circumstances that made it successful. When a fad is imported into a different situation it often doesn't work as hyped. Sure, learn from others' creativity; but we need to think about what creative or innovative changes we can make in response to our own unique circumstances, instead of always looking for a packaged solution.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog postings, but have not been able to leave a comment directly on your Posterous blog. I've tried signing in with my Twitter account several times. The "Twitter:sign in" button appears to function, but it always returns me to your blog:
"Hello there. Don't believe we've met before!
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Finally figured out how to comment in GRSShopper. I came via the "Browse Blog Posts" page and paged back until I found your blog there, then used the "Comment" button at the top of the page. (Hits Today: 6124 Total: 6124)

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