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Education as Platform: The MOOC Experience and what we can do to make it better
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Mar 23, 2012
Presented to EdgeX2012, Delhi, India, March 12, 2012. My name is Stephen Downes, I'm from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick is a small province on the eastern side of Canada, near the Atlantic Ocean. The entire province has about 800,000 people in it. The city where I live has about 140,000 people in it. So my experience of the world is a bit different from yours. My experience of the world is very filled with birds and trees and trails and water and things like that, ... 2012-03-23T17:31:00.001-03:00 [Comment]

What a MOOC Does - #Change11
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Mar 01, 2012
Clark Quinn is asking where the further developments in MOOCs will come from, suggesting "he courses really require effective self-learners", and I see today that Tony Bates continues this line of questioning: To what extent do MOOCs really change the nature of the game, and to what extent are they more an extension and development of what has gone before – and hence should aim to incorporate previous best practices? Or will that destroy them? I'm generally pretty reluctant to ... 2012-03-01T16:20:00.002-04:00 [Comment]

Knowledge, Learning and Community
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Feb 27, 2012
Contribution to #Change11 online course, February 27. The intent of these short contributions to the #Change11 course is to allow guest speakers to summarize their sum contribution to the field of online learning and new educational technology. Though I have recently become better known because of my contributions to connectivism and to the concept of the massive open online course, these are reflective of a wider philosophy that has characterized my work as a whole much more generally. In ... 2012-02-27T15:01:00.003-04:00 [Comment]

Social Media: An Interview
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, Feb 23, 2012
I was asked to contribute my responses to interview questions on social media for a new journal called The Future of Learning and of course I was happy to send some thoughts along. When did you start getting interested in the potential of social media in education and why? It all depends on what you call social media. For me the turning point came in 1986 at the University of Calgary, and specifically, in John A. Baker's graduate Philosophy of Mind class. In addition to the usual ... 2012-02-23T19:48:00.002-04:00 [Comment]

Knowledge and Recognition
Downes, Half an Hour, Jan 11, 2012
Responding to x28, 'Lower Levels of Connectivism' First, it is probably more accurate to speak of 'domains' of connectivity rather than layers. The use of 'layers' suggests some sort of ordering (from, eg., small to large) that isn't really a defining characteristic. Using 'domains' allows us to recognize that *any* network, appropriately constituted, can be a learning and knowing system. Second, this usage, "knowledge is found in the ... 2012-01-11T13:19:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

How to Get the Most out of a Conference
Downes, Half an Hour, Nov 26, 2011
MS-Word version -- PDF Version EDUCAUSE has this habit of creating placeholders for its posts and then sending RSS feeds composed solely of those placeholders. Maybe the content will be filled later, maybe it's just a program entry and will never be fleshed out, but RSS readers like me will never know; we see nothing but the headlines (and sometimes not even that!) that leave only tantalizing glimpses. This is the case for an entry that came out today, How to Get the Most out of the ... 2011-11-26T09:20:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

MOOCs and the OPAL Quality Clearinghouse
Downes, Half an Hour, Nov 20, 2011
I have submitted the following responses about #change11 and MOOCs in general to the Open Education Quality Initiative (OPAL) survey of OER practices (I love how the email said it would take five minutes to complete the survey). I would also encourage others involved in MOOCs to participate in the survey, as my responses represent my own perspective only. Please describe your practice Please be specific. Describe how you managed to achieve greater openness in educational practices, ... 2011-11-20T09:22:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

MOOC Statistics Thus Far
Downes, Half an Hour, Nov 11, 2011
Here's what we have for participation rates in the #Change11 MOOC this far. {"dataSourceUrl":"//docs.google.com/spreadsheet/tq?key=0Aoxh9wWyk71HdGtEYXFfXzdON3Fvb3h2WHFJbTBxMkE&transpose=0&headers=1&range=A1%3AD60&gid=0&pub=1","options":{"vAxes":OPENBLOCK{"title":null,"minValue":null,"viewWindowMode":"pretty","viewWindow":{"min":null,"max":null},"maxValue":null},{"viewWindowMode":"pretty","viewWindow":{}}CLOSEBLOCK,"hAxis":{"maxAlternations":1},"hasLabelsColumn":true,... 2011-11-11T11:01:00.000-04:00 [Comment]

Feedback on Big Blue Button
Downes, Half an Hour, Sept 22, 2011
Feedback sent by request to Big Blue Button application authors after our #change11 experience: Our installation is managed by Stephen Dame, who has setup a dedicated server for it. I have copied him on this email. He can provide you with details of the server configuration. You are correct, we were running 0.8-beta. We were set atmaxParticipants = -1 (unlimited) and the server crashed at 63 attendees.Specifically, we crashed as I attempted to mute participants. Specific issues ... 2011-09-22T09:48:00.004-03:00 [Comment]

How to Participate in the MOOC - 2
Downes, Half an Hour, Sept 14, 2011
Today in #change11 it's all about setting up your social web. Remember from yesterday that if you want to engage more actively in the course, the best way is to create your own contributions online. You are not required to do this, but you may well find yourself more engaged in the process if you do. Here's what the social web involves in this course: Your own personal information and emailYour social network identitiesYour blog and other RSS feedsYour newsletter ... 2011-09-14T16:56:00.002-03:00 [Comment]

Just a Test of Hashtags in Google Plus
Downes, Half an Hour, Sept 13, 2011
Just testing: #change11 2011-07-09T11:41:00.001-03:00 [Comment]

How to Participate in the MOOC
Downes, Half an Hour, Sept 13, 2011
This short post is intended to help you participate in the Massive Open Online Course, of MOOC. It won't cover everything, but it should be enough to get you started. Note that how don't have to participate this way; it's just recommended as a good place to start. 1. Read the Newsletters Every weekday, another newsletter will arrive in your email inbox. The best way to start participating in the course is to read these newsletters. Each newsletter will have the following ... 2011-09-13T11:49:00.001-03:00 [Comment]

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