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March 30, 2012

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T, lucidTranslucent
O pequeno vídeo nos transporta a Grécia, a Filosofia, e aos paradoxos.Foi postado aqui.A leitura me leva a uma brincadeira entre meus irmãos. Mas agora eu faco uma correlação, entre o ZEN e a algumas frases encontradas.Escolhi o tema do movimento porque alem de trabalhar com o movimento, aliar este paradoxo e refletir sobre ele me da o prazer que só o conhecimento [Link] 2012-03-29T18:38:00.001-07:00 [Comment]

#Change11 #CCK12 The Learning Key and Semantic Web Tools
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
Where is the “learn” key?  Asks Maria Anderson.  Socratic questioning has been a fundamental way of stimulating thinking in teaching and learning. In this the world is my school, Maria explains: “Any content that exists on the Internet (or is … Continue reading → [Link] Fri, 30 Mar 2012 00:18:40 +0000 [Comment]

The mystery of MOOCs – Stephen Downes in India
jupidu, ZML Didaktik / Innovative Learning Scenarios
Serenaturri (di Firenze) motivated me to read Stephen Downes’ article “Education as Platform: The MOOC Experience and what we can do to make it better” (EdgeX2012, Delhi, India, 12 marzo 2012) - grazie The next paragraphs are extractions of Stephen’s article, summarizing the most relevant aspects for me. The idea of MOOCs is largely about self-education, is [...] [Link] Thu, 29 Mar 2012 20:56:28 +0000 [Comment]

#Change11 #CCK12 Trust and Online Safety
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
I think Love Camel has touched on the critical point, as online/offline safety always comes first, especially when we don't know who or what we are dealing with. In the online environment, one has to be aware that the link … Continue reading → [Link] Thu, 29 Mar 2012 22:56:28 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 – Spigolature
serenaturri, serenaturri's Blog
È mia intenzione presentare, e talvolta commentare, l’insieme di notizie minute e sparse, raccolte leggendo il testo della chat dell’evento online che ha avuto luogo il 28 marzo; la sessione si è tenuta in Blackboard Collaborare, relatore Antonio Vantaggiato. Seguo in differita la sessione e pur comprendendo in modo parziale ciò che avviene sono in [...] [Link] Thu, 29 Mar 2012 17:24:42 +0000 [Comment]

Bildung and media ecology
mdeimann, markusmind
During the last two days I have been participating at the conference  "Educational Media Ecologies: International Perspectives" held at the University of Paderborn. It was a small (approximately 30 people) group which aimed at interesting discussions. For me the notion of ecology and its relations to media were rather new. So I have learned a [...] [Link] Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:14:42 +0000 [Comment]

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What am I doing in this MOOC? #change11
brainysmurf, 331 - learn, teach, repeat, March 29, 2012.

Great list of self-directed accomplishments in this and other moocs! I hope Colin and his colleagues can use that insight for their survey. You seem to have covered all 5Cs (consume, connect, create, contribute and commit), which is a participation framework that I had thought about back in October. Keep up the great efforts and the paying forward! :) [Comment]


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brainysmurf, Re: What am I doing in this MOOC? #change11, Serendipitously, your Diigolet is attached to ....

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