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February 8, 2012

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#Change11 #CCK12 Value of MOOC and Purpose of Education
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
Recent advances in courses have led to a new debate on the value of MOOC and purpose of education. Value of MOOC I think the value of MOOC is that participants could take the opportunities in sharing their thoughts and … Continue reading → [Link] Wed, 08 Feb 2012 12:43:06 +0000 [Comment]

Creative Conversation
jennymackness, Jenny Connected
This is the subject of Chapter 4 of Prof Pierre Lévy's book: THE SEMANTIC SPHERE COMPUTATION, COGNITION AND THE INFORMATION ECONOMY Volume 1, which he has shared with ChangeMooc this week This is a fascinating chapter on many counts and I found it easier to read and relate to that Chapter 1. Prof Lévy discusses [...] [Link] Wed, 08 Feb 2012 12:25:05 +0000 [Comment]

Liberal Arts Education and Technology
Jane Wilde in RL/Esme Qunhua in SL, Teaching and Learning in Virtual Words
I am giving a presentation this week at Smith College on the role of technology in liberal arts education (job interview). Your comments, criticism, suggestions on this draft of the visuals for my presentation would be greatly appreciated. #change11  [Link] Wed, 08 Feb 2012 05:32:00 +0000 [Comment]

symbolic tradition or art of memory
T, lucidTranslucent
Mexico's artChile's artHow to organize myself in a sea of information! great question. And more, as will be the symbolic representation that shows the differences arising from cultural diversity of the man in the face of cyberspaceSurface and interface.See the images, differs of Kalachakra... will be only the interpretation or not...P. Levy   tells us   that  L'intelligence possible n'est autre que l&.... [Link] 2012-02-07T16:39:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

past and future II
T, lucidTranslucent
I like the Greek myths, such as Pandora's box or Ariadne's thread.A good text (hypertext) with links seem to be a maze.What are the human aspects that my creations  can reveal.I think the civilizations  behind  with the findings are a kind of background.I retired the pencil and paper to the immaterial culture. Picasso could imagine the diversity of views in the process of animation from one screen.Was there a proposal to ephemeral or not.The author .... [Link] 2012-02-07T08:43:00.001-08:00 [Comment]

past and future -I
T, lucidTranslucent
In 04 of 08 in 2011, I played with this device,  .And now repeat without knowing where and how to find my first drawing! repeated and  there are the two drawings of my own, in Picasso at the parodies. Experience 1- hereExperience 2 - hereRepeated some points, yes!In the recent past ( of course) what it could mean... I'm crazy , not! [Link] 2012-02-07T05:34:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Sensemaking in the MOOC #change11 Value
jaapsoft2, connectiv
An answer to the question of jupidu “How are you making sense of the MOOC?” using the concept of Weick (German) of sense. (I am not sure I did catch this concept of Weick (Engl.) Jupidu admits he (?) does not understand the concept of Weick, so do I. Weick is talking about organizations and [...] [Link] Tue, 07 Feb 2012 10:14:38 +0000 [Comment]

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@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: RT @plevy: The #IEML philosophy via @jjennymackness # 2012-02-08T10:16:15Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: Para os estudiosos de @plevy #change11 #IEML via @ 2012-02-07T20:07:10Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: Para os estudiosos de @plevy #change11 #IEML via @ 2012-02-07T20:46:21Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @bugaychuk: Constructivist Learning Theory: via @youtube #cck12 #change11 # 2012-02-07T15:36:56Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @VolkmarLa: Interessting in MOOCs? You are invited to contribute: The MOOC Guide | @scoopit #MOOC #change11 #opco12 # 2012-02-07T16:38:10Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: The #IEML philosophy via @jjennymackness # 2012-02-07T17:28:04Z

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@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 Is online learning more supportive of interaction than traditional 2012-02-04T23:05:37Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: @plevy is our guest next week for #change11: looking forward to it! (Levy=McLuhan for our generation) via @ 2012-02-05T00:08:57Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: @plevy is our guest next week for #change11: looking forward to it! (Levy=McLuhan for our generation) 2012-02-04T18:58:14Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: @plevy is our guest next week for #change11: looking forward to it! (Levy=McLuhan for our generation) 2012-02-04T21:20:55Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 Is online learning more supportive of interaction than traditional learning? 2012-02-04T10:29:22Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @lgaretio: #Change11 #CCK12 Is online learning more supportive of interaction than traditional learning? 2012-02-04T10:37:29Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @lgaretio: #Change11 #CCK12 Is online learning more supportive of interaction than traditional learning? 2012-02-04T10:41:06Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @bugaychuk: Taxonomy of Learning Theories via @addthis #UkrEl11 #cck12 #change11 # 2012-02-03T20:35:22Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @saadat_m: 5 E-Learning Trends for Higher Ed @myen, #change11, 2012-02-03T21:24:57Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 A response on the attack of the killer rhizomes | Learner ... 2012-02-03T15:42:33Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 What problems are we facing with the use of social media and technology in classroom setting? 2012-02-03T12:33:01Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @bugaychuk: Effective Assessment in a Digital Age : JISC via @addthis #UkrEl11 #change11 # 2012-02-03T13:06:09Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: @suifaijohnmak to read examples where educators have shared and follow up - difficult to visualise #change11 helps surface 2012-02-03T08:52:40Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Join us 4 #connectedpd First Friday chat w @stevehargadon on 24/7 Edu Professional Development & Social Media # 2012-02-02T20:00:21Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @stevemac121: Google’s new privacy policies and #education #learning #teaching #cck11 #change11 # 2012-02-02T16:30:09Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Preoccupied with my thesis & travel so a bit removed from #change11. Glad @JaapSoft posted about Teacher roles and MOOC 2012-02-02T11:44:03Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Classroom @campustechnology @myen, #edtech, #change11, 2012-02-02T12:17:49Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @bugaychuk: #change11 teacher roles and MOOC « connectiv - # 2012-02-02T14:09:31Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #change11 teacher roles and MOOC #edudisruptive 2012-02-02T14:17:05Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: @jilliannec Here is the link: on 21C uni blog post #change11 #uvic #uviced #bced #edtechbc @ 2012-02-02T05:51:32Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Starting to explore rhizomic learning ... just makes my brain feel right. Want to join me? #nwp # 2012-02-02T03:27:25Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: @janniaragon A link to a talk @_valeriei and I did for #change11 on the 21st Century University #uvic #uviced #bced # 2012-02-02T05:21:47Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Join us 4 #ConnectedPD First Friday edchat 2/3, 9am PST w guest @stevehargadon. Topic: 24/7 PD & Social Media # 2012-02-01T22:08:44Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Orgs may not want to go this far, but this mindset is essential. | Inside Higher Ed: Via @collegeof2020 # 2012-02-01T15:05:13Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: For pedagoger RT @JaapSoft: Heutagogy and lifelong learning #change11 2012-02-01T07:12:28Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Anbefales! “@arnek: For pedagoger @JaapSoft: Heutagogy and lifelong learning #change11 overview” 2012-02-01T08:16:27Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @benteklo: Anbefales! “@arnek: For pedagoger @JaapSoft: Heutagogy and lifelong learning #change11 overview” 2012-02-01T08:57:41Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @JaapSoft: Heutagogy and lifelong learning #change11 2012-02-01T09:27:08Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @JaapSoft: Heutagogy and lifelong learning #change11 2012-02-01T09:27:09Z