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January 27, 2011

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Editing a Feed Entry (in gRSShopper)
Stephen Downes, Blip.tv, January 26, 2011.

We've had 145 feeds submitted thus far by the 763 people signed up for the course. In order to make sure they work properly (and to ensure we don't get unwanted advertising) I review each feed individually. If everything is done correctly (as it is for about 90 percent of the feeds) it takes about a minute. In this short video I give you a behind-the-scenes look at the process I go through to review and approve a new feed. [Comment]

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Are we dumbing down? Is multitasking taking away of our ability our ability to absorb?
LeahGrrl, 1118 - Learning, Education and Coaching to Drive Behavioral Change, January 27, 2011.

I find the chat distracting from the speaker, too; that's why I'm glad the recordings are there to go back to, and I'm glad for the MP3s I could load onto the Droid to take to the gym.


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katyroo, To K-12 educators & librarians, Several folks have introduced themselves as ....
BrainySmurf, Re: Confusion - A Catalyst for Learning?, Thanks for these reflections, folks. I totally ....
asaykili, Re: Introductions, Hi Paul, I am also in language teaching. I'....
Mary, Re: Introductions, Hello, My name is Mary Rearick. I am a ....
Nicole David, Re: Introductions, Nicole David I'm an instructional designer ....
Bob Singletary, Re: Starting Out on CCK11, Like Mary Jane, I am also starting late. Only ....
pauljinks, Re: Confusion - A Catalyst for Learning?, Perhaps the confusion and fear that Tom writes ....
pauljinks, Re: Introductions, Paul Jinks, saying hi I'm a learning ....
BrainySmurf, Re: Concept Map at the End of Week 1 - #CCK11, I'm generally a very visual person who ....
Jonas_Backelin, Re: Understanding connectivism: some first thoughts, Hej Christina, Jag har också funderat på hur ....
Jonas_Backelin, Re: Introductions, Hi, Joining from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.......
petcasketmaker, Re: Starting Out on CCK11, Mary Jane Andrews, January 26, 2011 Hello ....
Hanan, Re: Introductions, Hi All, My name is Hanan Sitlia. I am working ....

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A Problem-based lifelong Learning model #CCK11
ebrahim rahimi, lifelonglearning
Problem-based LifeLong learning [Link] 2011-01-27T12:16:00 [Comment]

Cool tools: Network visualization
AK, Multilitteratus Incognitus
The other day I was reading a CCK11 blog on a way to visualize the connections on your LinkedIn network.  Since this week's topic is "the network" on CCK11, I thought it would be cool to see how my network looks. You always get a notification on your social networks indicating who a particular contact has in common with you, but you don't generally get the full picture. With a few hundred contacts on my LinkedIn network my diagram does look a bit chaotic (I don't even want .... [Link] 2011-01-27T10:21:00 [Comment]

#CCK11 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge in Action!
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn
CCK11This is my first reflection (posting) for the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course (CCK11), which is a 12-week open online course facilitated by Stephen Downes and George Siemens. This course will explore the concepts of connectivism and connective knowledge and explore their application as a framework for theories of teaching and learning. Participation is open to everyone and there are no fees or subscriptions required....Register here!Important links:Discussion ThreadsDaily .... [Link] 2011-01-27T10:50:00 [Comment]

#cck11: Thinking about Frames
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz
So it’s Week 2 of CCK11 and I’m thinking about Frames (which seem pretty much the same thing as ‘context’ – am I right?). I really enjoyed George Lakoff’s talk – not just because of his magnificent beard, which I am incredibly envious of – and have started watching the full-length version. I’m valuing my [...] [Link] 2011-01-27T09:07:47 [Comment]

George Lakoff on framing #cck11
jaapsoft2, connectiv
Reason is not unconscious, not disembodied, the brain is structured to run a body. You can’t be rational without emotion and passion. Reason does not fit the world but uses the structure of the  brain to see the world. Cultural narratives influence our impressions of the world around us. Framing: (Erving Goffman) A frame has [...] [Link] 2011-01-27T10:43:14 [Comment]

The King's Speech & Lack of Credentials
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts
The confrontation between the King George VI and Lionel Logue after the Archbishop of Canterbury reveals that Lionel Logue is not a doctor but an actor and teacher of elocution fits nicely with CCK11's pondering about what is a scholar.Upon meeting Lionel, the future King presumed that he was Dr. Logue. Lionel did not correct him. Should he have done so? Does it always matter to be precise or are there times when it is permissible to not draw attention to the mistaken assumption. I .... [Link] 2011-01-27T06:04:00 [Comment]

CCK11 notes on chaos
scottx5, Scottx5's Blog
Connections that are suggestive and undeveloped. As these quotes are sourced with some deliberate purpose (they attracted my attention as worthy of keeping)  is  connectivism at work here? Or dose connectivism operate above my level of attention? In a counselling course it was … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-27T05:11:18 [Comment]

Taxonomy of Learning Theories « E-Learning Provocateur
, Best content in CCK2011 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:Taxonomy of Learning Theories - ozlem ozanTags: learning, theory, taxonomy, cck11by: ozlem [Link] 2011-01-27T05:41:31 [Comment]

Ein Freund, ein guter Freund – Die positiven Wirkungen der sozialen Vernetzung « Ich sag mal
, Stephanrinke's Favorite Links on cck11 from Diigo
Tags: cck11 cck11read connectivism [Link] [Comment]

Is it all just “Naval-Gazing”?
damoclarky, Damo's World
This blog post relates to my study of CCK11 and the study of learning theory. One of the week 1 readings is a document titled “What is Connectivism?“  George Siemens uses Ertmer’s and Newby’s “five definitive questions to distinguish learning theory” framework to produce a table comparing and contrasting Connectivism with 4 other prominent learning [...] [Link] 2011-01-27T04:05:18 [Comment]

Open deliveryware
damoclarky, Damo's World
This blog post relates to my study of CCK11. Continuing my readings of the course with Stephen Downes blog post entitled What Connectivism is Not, I have come across the following passage, which I find incredibly fascinating. There is no reason for the *delivery* of instruction (whatever form it may take) to be conjoined with [...] [Link] 2011-01-27T02:53:40 [Comment]

[CCK11] A scholar in Connectivism
Aboluay, aboluay's musings
Thoughts ablut scholars in digital [Link] 2011-01-27T01:43:56 [Comment]

If infants and animals can do it, does that make it simple?
damoclarky, Damo's World
This blog post relates to my study of CCK11 and is in response to a statement made by Stephen Downes in his blog post entitled What Connectivism Is.  The statement by Stephen in response to a criticism of Connectivism by Tony Forster: Tony continues, “Connectivism should still address the hard struggle within of deep thinking, [...] [Link] 2011-01-27T01:26:45 [Comment]

Who is a Digital Scholar? (#CCK11) (Martin Weller’s Presentation)
profesorbaker, Profesorbaker's Blog
Martin Weller gave a great presentation to the #CCK11 course. It was crisp, brisk, fast paced, informative, and thought provoking. My friend Tracy even asked a question which was thought provoking for Martin. It was fun to watch him grapple … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-26T22:55:57 [Comment]

My First MOOC – CCK11 – Connectivism and Connected Knowledge
Lisa Neale, lisa learning
This week I began to participate in my very first MOOC.  A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course.  So, why am I doing this MOOC?  I want to  expand how I connect and network with others.  In addition,  I am interested in learning more about the theory of connectivism and networked learning with participants [...] [Link] 2011-01-25T03:59:48 [Comment]

CCK11 and connectivism
learningfromconnexions, learning from connections
Having taken the plunge and signed up for CCK11 only one week after it'd started, I haven't regretted it (yet).Reading last week's materials has been interesting. Comparisons between connectivism and the other learning theories shows me just how limited each is in it's ability to describe the complexities of how we learn as individuals and groups. It really struck me how I've observed elements of each 'in play' while supporting learning in others, .... [Link] 2011-01-26T13:23:00 [Comment]

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011 #CCK11
lindapilko, Learning, Thinking and Connecting
So enough lurking and head scratching.  It’s time to throw myself in and connect and share.  So far I’ve simply read, researched and compared Connectivism to other isms I am familiar with.  It’s sitting well and although I wouldn’t profess to being a leading authority on it, it seems like a theory that will suit [...] [Link] 2011-01-25T22:16:09 [Comment]

Connected Learning & Isolation - CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts
In the introductions, Scott Johnson mentioned connectivism and connected learning with regard to living in an isolated area. In 2008 and 2009, I don't remember this aspect ever being discussed.Canada's cutting edge work on distance education for advanced degrees lies in the history of Athabasca College. There seemed to be a dividing line at the Manitoba/Ontario border with the East committed to bricks and mortar, traditional practices and the West and North more willing to .... [Link] 2011-01-26T16:23:00 [Comment]

Scholarly Expertise - CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts
I'm a lover of pageantry and processionals. They send shivers up my spine and add another link in a long chain of protecting and passing on what is valued.Even though I never had the intellect, perseverance or endurance for post graduate work, I believe the progression from bachelor to master to doctorate to lifetime scholarly commitment is worthy of whatever sacrifice it demanded. In the MOOC world where everyone is expected to create and add to a body of knowledge, I think both more .... [Link] 2011-01-24T19:43:00 [Comment]

Truth As Theme - CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts
A new experience in Connectivism for me is taking other courses along with it. On Thursday and Friday, I took a 2 day seminar on a subject that I wouldn't expect to have common themes with CCK11. It was offered by Trinity Wall Street on "Reading Scripture Through Other Eyes" I was enormously surprised on Wed. Elluminate session in Connectivism that "What is True" became a subject of interest. My philosophical thoughts about "What is True" began and ended with an introductory .... [Link] 2011-01-24T16:49:00 [Comment]

Intro to CCK11
ruthdemitroff, e-learning thoughts
Nothing I'm saying applies to the students taking this course for credit. They have a lot of work to cover in a set period of time to meet the standards set in the academic world. Those of us who are non-credit have set a lower priority bar for ourselves. Don't look at the volume of assigned readings and information being created by course members and decide to stop because you can't carve out that much time. Learn what you can and give yourself an open-ended finishing .... [Link] 2011-01-20T03:33:00 [Comment]

, Cultivating Connectivism
So this seems to be a bit of a theme in my life at the moment which is permeating all I do. I have started this blog as part of the Connectivisim and Connective Knowledge 2011 (MOOC) So what would I like to achieve by participating in this course? Ideas on cultivating change, cultivating collaboration and cultivating connectivism in my workplace and in my classroom.   Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2011-01-20T01:19:00 [Comment]

Unwritten Knowledge Vs. Unthinking
Hanan, Connektd to Explore
Skip Ward presented in his video 5 key ideas about the online course for CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011) and he ended up his talk by “You can’t unthink“. Surely we can not unthink but we need to record … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-24T17:10:50 [Comment]

The Love of Triangle: C.I.T
Hanan, Connektd to Explore
I Joined CCK11, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Connectivsim and Connective Knowledge. From the first Elluminate recording session, the Facilitator of the MOOC, G.Siemens, talked about the core elements of learning: Create-Interact-Track. he added: … If we make our … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-22T21:50:10 [Comment]

ncldvd, Connectiquette
I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed after discovering the explosion of content that’s already occurred with regard to #cck11 since last week. Usually if you start a course a week late you just batten down and get stuck into the resources (…)Read the rest of this entry » [Link] 2011-01-26T14:05:43 [Comment]

#cck11 discovery
ncldvd, Connectiquette
I’ve just stumbled across #cck11 via a colleague’s post on Twitter. http://cck11.mooc.ca/ It’s an open, online course exploring Connectivism and Connective Knowledge in relation to teaching and learning. The syllabus states: “Connectivism and Connective knowledge will explore the concepts of (…)Read the rest of this entry » [Link] 2011-01-24T15:05:17 [Comment]

Doing (multiple) MOOCs + Multiliteracies
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing
    I am currently registered in and trying to follow one online workshop and two MOOCs. Vance Stevens, who is conducting the online workshop, (TESOL's EVO or Electronic Village Online Multiliteracies , responded that he was considering designating Multiliteracies a MOOC or Miniscule Open Online Course. Comparing the courses, finding connections, is as much my goal and ongoing blog topic as surviving the experience without my head exploding.    All three .... [Link] 2011-01-26T03:23:00 [Comment]

First Impressions
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing
Week 1 impressions are primarily about evomlit11 (Multiliteracies) and LAK11 (Learning and Knowledge Analytics) and only peripherally to CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge), which starts today as I am reminded by an email notice from that other MOOC. I registered there early and did some early prep. We'll see whether/ how much that helps chaos management (an oxymoron if there ever was one).Evomlit11, Vance Steven's 6 week EVO (Electronic Village Online) workshop, .... [Link] 2011-01-18T01:22:00 [Comment]

Are we dumbing down? Is multitasking taking away of our ability our ability to absorb?
Skip Ward, Learning, Education and Coaching to Drive Behavioral Change
   Today I participated in a virtual class for CCK11 with Martin Weller as a guest speaker on Digital Scholarship. He ran though 30 or so slides, and the moderator, George Siemens, followed the simultaneous chat and intervened when multiple folks were asking the same question or making the same comment. (Kudos!)   Here is [...] [Link] 2011-01-26T22:24:53 [Comment]

Is there such a thing as digital scholarship?
Wolfgang Greller, Reflections on the Knowledge Society
Around Martin Weller’s talk on the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course (CCK11) an interesting debate arose on what ‘scholarship’ means. As always, people followed the typical rituals to find a narrow definition for the term. And, also like always, the term kept evading any pinning down. I have done this exercise in a previous life [...] [Link] 2011-01-26T21:14:34 [Comment]

Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller (Elluminate Session - Jan 26, 2011) #CCK11
hamtra@gmail.com (Tracy Parish), Discovery Through eLearning
Book - The Digital Scholar Blog - The Ed Techie Blogging is: social - create networks using, reading, commenting democratic - anyone can start one posts can be long or short can be about any topic/subject filled with multi-media professional or informal (or both) anyone can read, no one can read them, 1000s can read them Questions about blogs: do they represent "proper scholarship? central or peripheral to practice applicable to all domains more useful for some functions than others .... [Link] 2011-01-26T20:29:00 [Comment]

#CCK11 conoscenza e sincronicità
serenaturri, serenaturri's Blog
Conoscenza e   Sincronicità Alla ricera di relazioni/connessioni: cronistoria Mentre sono sul cancello di casa, incroncio un’amica che s’informa sui miei spostamenti (viaggi o altro) dato che è tanto tempo che non mi vede in circolazione. Le rispondo che d’inverno preferisco non muovermi e aggiungo che il mio letargo è attribuibile anche al tempo che [...] [Link] 2011-01-26T19:01:03 [Comment]

Week 2: Concept Map 1: exciting ideas and concerns
EML Tech, Search results in Emerging Technologies
so here is the first iteration of my concept map for cck11:In it you can see where my mind is at namely metaphors in general in connectivism and surrounding flow in particular. I still have trouble with the notion that knowledge exists only in connections. I accept that knowledge is only observable in connected states, and I think I can accept that learning as an act involves connection and "messaging" (regardless of whether the meaning is inherent or interpreted from the message). .... [Link] 2011-01-26T18:09:24 [Comment]

Open Access Journals in Learning Technologies, Educational Technology, and e-learning (and closely related fields)
, Best content in CCK2011 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:Open Access Journals in Ed Tech - Mohsen SaadatmandTags: openeducation, opencontent, journals, edtech, oer, cck11by: Mohsen [Link] 2011-01-26T15:10:51 [Comment]

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@sifowler (Simon Fowler) tweeted: Fyi #cck11 @mweller "Digital Scholarship" RT @went1955 Peer review: Blogs/tweets ripping papers apart w/in days of pub'n http://j.mp/fVrUKF 2011-01-27T14:54:02

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: RT @frederic_dufour: #CCK11 Week 2 : Patterns of Connectivity http://bit.ly/fYTx3E #connectivism #apprentissage 2011-01-27T14:28:01

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: RT @stephanrinke: Found on the web: Connectivism.bmp (1359×428) http://bit.ly/hSFhj8 2011-01-27T14:26:01

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: An Open Response to a Classmate: Connectivism Glossary (#CCK11) | Profesorbaker's Blog: http://bit.ly/guk1og via @addthis #educhat #edchat 2011-01-27T14:25:07

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: <blog>E-Learning Provocateur: Connectivism and the modern learner / Conectivismo y el alumno moderno http://bit.ly/ii7cSf #EraDigital #educ 2011-01-27T14:25:06

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: My First MOOC – Connectivism and Connected Learning - Neale Lisa http://bit.ly/fxzHL3 #DesarrolloProfesional #IntegraciónTecnológica 2011-01-27T14:25:01

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: Connectivism Glossary / Glosario del Conectivismo: <George Siemens> http://www.connectivism.ca/?p=303 #Educación #Aprendizaje #Docente 2011-01-27T14:24:06

@danmcquillan (dan mcquillan) tweeted: RT @psychemedia: Visualising Tags Associated With Other Tags on Delicious Bookmarked Resources http://bit.ly/hhgjD8 #lak11 #cck11 #madewithgephi 2011-01-27T14:21:42

@psychemedia (Tony Hirst) tweeted: Visualising Tags Associated With Other Tags on Delicious Bookmarked Resources http://bit.ly/hhgjD8 #lak11 #cck11 #madewithgephi 2011-01-27T14:19:45

@JaapSoft (Jaap Bosman) tweeted: http://bit.ly/e5xr1u social graphs #cck11 om je netwerk in kaart te brengen 2011-01-27T14:18:44

@MediaLabE (Media-Lab E-learning) tweeted: Visualizing Social Interactions http://www.media-lab.es/info/?p=1263 #CCK11 #LAK11 2011-01-27T13:52:56

@thbeth (thbeth) tweeted: #cck11 multicultural learning http://twitpic.com/3tuqko 2011-01-27T13:19:07

@GillianP (GillianP) tweeted: Can adult learning be individualised and so redesign careers advice? http://tinyurl.com/4toglzw #highered #LAK11 #CCK11 2011-01-27T12:38:29

@christerholger (Christer Holger) tweeted: Om kunskap & lärande i internetåldern RT @zaidlearn: #CCK11 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge in Action! http://bit.ly/eSaa7A #tankom 2011-01-27T12:38:22

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: http://tinyurl.com/6844rp6 #cck11 #eadsunday - confira e comente - como isto se aplica a nossa realidade? 2011-01-27T12:21:22

@psychemedia (Tony Hirst) tweeted: Corporate Data Analyst Job at OU http://bit.ly/dM6fe9 Not seen any "learning analytics" jobs advertised yet though? #cck11 2011-01-27T11:55:23

@girishmungra (Girish Mungra) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: #CCK11 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge in Action! http://bit.ly/eSaa7A 2011-01-27T11:47:39

@adribanez (Adrián Ibáñez ) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: #CCK11 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge in Action! http://bit.ly/eSaa7A 2011-01-27T11:41:20

@timbuckteeth (Prof Steve Wheeler) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: #CCK11 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge in Action! http://bit.ly/eSaa7A 2011-01-27T11:40:55

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: #CCK11 - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge in Action! http://bit.ly/eSaa7A 2011-01-27T11:31:36

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: http://tinyurl.com/4o4tmja #cck11 #eadsunday - Digital Scholarhip & O carteiro e o Poeta -observações na sala de aula online e/ou presencial 2011-01-27T11:20:38

@judithberlin (Judith Egger) tweeted: connectivism and innovation Can Your Friends Make You More Innovative? http://bit.ly/fOb5C7 #cck11 2011-01-27T11:06:32

@JaapSoft (Jaap Bosman) tweeted: #cck11 http://bit.ly/fFVmzm blogged on framing and Lakoff ( frame=context? ) 2011-01-27T10:54:52

@ConnectIrmeli (Irmeli Aro) tweeted: @pirkkaaunola There's open online course going on @ http://cck11.mooc.ca/ - don't get afraid of the 12 weeks, you can pick up what you need 2011-01-27T10:22:40

@gsyoung (Geoff Young) tweeted: Your take on scholarship = agreed RT @lindsayjordan Just blogged #cck11 Week 2: Thinking about Frames http://bit.ly/h4T1pi 2011-01-27T10:19:59

@MediaLabE (Media-Lab E-learning) tweeted: Os dejo una breve: TweetStats:: Gráfico de tu estadística en Twitter http://t.co/dgrHlFD #LAK11 #CCK11 2011-01-27T09:51:49

@lindsayjordan (Lindsay Jordan) tweeted: RT @stiiiv > Like Lakoff in full? eg here of how metaphr creates frames tht justify war: http://bit.ly/hyGJuN #cck11 > Thanks Steve !! 2011-01-27T09:19:31

@lindsayjordan (Lindsay Jordan) tweeted: Just blogged #cck11 Week 2: Thinking about Frames http://bit.ly/h4T1pi 2011-01-27T09:11:38

@pipcleaves (Phillippa Cleaves) tweeted: #cck11 Mooc is out! http://bit.ly/g0AhRY ▸ Top stories today by @jaapsoft @stephanrinke @lindsayjordan @stiiiv @antoesp 2011-01-27T09:04:20

@cristinacost (Cristina Costa) tweeted: RT @hamtra: Blog Post Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller (Elluminate Session-Jan 26) #CCK11: Book - The Digital Sch... http://bit.ly/hUHuDS 2011-01-27T09:00:16

@SalfordPGRs (Graduate Studies ) tweeted: RT @hamtra: Blog Post Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller (Elluminate Session-Jan 26) #CCK11: Book - The Digital Sch... http://bit.ly/hUHuDS 2011-01-27T09:00:15

@antoesp (antonella esposito) tweeted: RT @hamtra: Blog Post Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller (Elluminate Session - Jan 26, 2011) #CCK11: Book - The Digital Sch... http://bit.ly/hUHuDS 2011-01-27T08:59:48

@JaapSoft (Jaap Bosman) tweeted: blogged on Connectivism and presetntations and scholarship http://bit.ly/fHzbm2 #cck11 2011-01-27T08:03:54

@elearningPosts (eLearning Learning) tweeted: Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller (Elluminate Session - Jan 26, 2011) #CCK11 http://bit.ly/gpS0hS 2011-01-27T07:25:37

@r20_blogroll (Ryan's blogroll) tweeted: eLLearning: Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller (Elluminate Session - Jan 26, 2011) #CCK11: Book - The Digital S... http://bit.ly/f7MuT3 2011-01-27T07:23:37

@jaccalder (Jaclyn Calder) tweeted: Reading: My First MOOC – Connectivism and Connected Learning http://j.mp/e1CpYi #cck11 2011-01-27T05:32:03

@deborasebriam (Debora Sebriam) tweeted: RT @DaisyGrisolia: Não tente fazer no online o que vc faz na sala de aula- é um mundo completamente diferente que pede outros procedimentos - #CCK11 #eadsunday 2011-01-27T03:09:05

@anamodesto (Anamaria M. Vieira) tweeted: RT @DaisyGrisolia: Stop trying to do online what you do in theclassoom… it’s a different world online…http://tinyurl.com/5ujp7dd #cck11 #eadsunday 2011-01-27T03:06:18

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Não tente fazer no online o que vc faz na sala de aula- é um mundo completamente diferente que pede outros procedimentos - #CCK11 #eadsunday 2011-01-27T03:05:12

@NexPeople (NexPeople) tweeted: Não tente fazer no online o que vc faz na sala de aula- é um mundo completamente diferente que pede outros procedimentos - #CCK11 #eadsunday 2011-01-27T03:05:11

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Stop trying to do online what you do in theclassoom… it’s a different world online…http://tinyurl.com/5ujp7dd #cck11 #eadsunday 2011-01-27T03:03:40

@NexPeople (NexPeople) tweeted: Stop trying to do online what you do in theclassoom… it’s a different world online…http://tinyurl.com/5ujp7dd #cck11 #eadsunday 2011-01-27T03:03:38

@DaisyGrisolia (Daisy Grisolia) tweeted: Even where control seems desirable, it is not practical/Creating control effectively destroys the network http://tinyurl.com/5ujp7dd #CCK11 2011-01-27T02:58:23

@widged (widged) tweeted: Connections should be sought with non-educators too. Lots to be learned about engagement from (social) game-design, for instance #CCK11 2011-01-27T02:18:26

@thbeth (thbeth) tweeted: #CCK11 Maps and patterns http://migre.me/3KOlS 2011-01-27T02:11:07

@widged (widged) tweeted: Info on these concepts in comments of http://lindsayjordan.edublogs.org/2011/01/12/cck11-language-and-logic/ #CCK11 2011-01-27T02:09:47

@widged (widged) tweeted: Seemingly blissfully ignorant of connectionist learning, instructional design, principles of social dynamics, core to their approach #CCK11 2011-01-27T02:04:13

@widged (widged) tweeted: Ironical how these connectivism advocates have seemingly acquired so little knowledge through their extended networks #CCK11 2011-01-27T02:01:44

@DolorsCapdet (DolorsCapdet) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: Recording from @mweller's excellent presentation on digital scholarship is now available here: http://bit.ly/ezLMM0 #cck11 2011-01-27T01:06:10

@ryantracey (Ryan Tracey) tweeted: RT @antoesp: Online lecture by @Neil_Selwyn in #CCK11 'Social media & education: reasons to be fearful' 9th Feb, 1700 (London time) http://bit.ly/h9MV3r 2011-01-27T00:44:25