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CCK11 Daily Newsletter

January 19, 2011

First Live Seminar

Our first live seminar, a course overview and introduction, takes place in Elluminate today, Wednesday.

Location: Elluminate (Click Here to Join)

Time:8:00 p.m. Moscow; 5:00 p.m. London; 12 noon New York; 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles; 1:00 a.m. Thursday Beijing Other Time Zones

Facilitator Posts

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Short Video Introduction to CCK11
George Siemens, Blip, January 18, 2011.

I've posted a short introduction to CCK11 and the importance of existing within networks in order to access to different dimensions of knowledge. [Comment]

Discussion Threads

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A first foray into a MOOC
rebecca, 1093 - [Leitha] delves into eLearning, January 19, 2011.

This tends to be my position too: despite a wealth of experience in a variety of fields - or maybe because of it - I assume others to have greater, indepth knowledge. Jumping in at the deep end is sometimes the only way to go and you surprise yourself when you find yourself swimming along with everyone else! Good luck! [Comment]

How do you read through it all and keep up with everything? #cck11
Darren Hill, 1067 - Discovery Through eLearning, January 18, 2011.

If people actively tag when they create or encounter content it can help others find /filter content. Guess this would help address AKs concerns in his comment on this blog page. [Comment]

Participants' Blog Posts

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About me for CCK11
Aboluay, aboluay's musings
A brief introduction about Anas (Aboluay) [Link] 2011-01-19T16:02:08 [Comment]

Why not Dive for Gold?
, Connecting the Dots
I have a bout 50 blogs in my reader. Everyday I therapeutically read, digest, think and reflect on what people from across the world have shared. Today a post on CogDogBlog called Diving for Gold held my meditative thoughts for a plane flight to and from country NSW. What it highlighted the most, was the need to use experts in as many ways as we can. Being new to many of these technologies, an educator will never be able to gain the depth of knowledge, nor the networks .... [Link] 2011-01-19T03:56:00 [Comment]

A quick Mindmap on Learning Theories
, Stephanrinke's Favorite Links on cck11 from Diigo
Tags: cck11 learning theory [Link] [Comment]

CCK11: Quick overview - gsiemens - blip.tv
, Stephanrinke's Favorite Links on cck11 from Diigo
CCK11: Quick overview Tags: cck11 overview video [Link] [Comment]

#CCK11: A Message From George Siemens
profesorbaker, Profesorbaker's Blog
Re: Introductions gsiemens, January 18, 2011 “Hi all – great to read through the introductions and see the vocations, countries, and organizations represented! Looking forward to the next 12 weeks! I’m George Siemens – I’ll be facilitating this course with … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-19T04:30:45 [Comment]

The World Comes Out to Join in #CCK11
hamtra@gmail.com (Tracy Parish), Discovery Through eLearning
I was just reading through the introductions for this "go-round" of CCK11 and was excited to see the amazing minds that are being shared through this course.  The resumes of some of the participants are astounding.  (Feeling overwhelmed increasing drastically)  I was also excited to see the wide variety of locations that participants will be joining in from.  The fact that some many people are connecting from so far away from one another always astounds me. The best .... [Link] 2011-01-19T03:02:00 [Comment]

Connectivism & Connected Knowledge Course: Day 2 (#CCK11)
profesorbaker, Profesorbaker's Blog
(Credit for this concept Map: Jane Wilde wildejk@gmail.com http://bit.ly/hif03W ) What did I learn today? First, through the course Daily Newsletter, I came across the CMAP shown above. It was made by Jane Wilden, in a previous course. I think … Continue reading → [Link] 2011-01-19T02:18:06 [Comment]

Connectivism and Connected Knowledge
noreply@blogger.com (William), Creatividad e Inspiración Al día
This week, I started a free course on Connectivism and Connected Knowledge (#CCK11). On week 1 we work on the definition of Connectivism (what is). In some few words, "connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks" [1]. It is a strange thought since it's easy to believe that knowledge is distributed but not so easy to understand how learning occurs when .... [Link] 2011-01-19T00:19:00 [Comment]

Participating in my first course that isn't hosted on a platform #cck11
hamtra@gmail.com (Tracy Parish), Discovery Through eLearning
I looked at this course in previous years and even followed some of the discussions for a very brief time. However, now that I'm enrolled and am participating for me the timing couldn't be better. I'm so intrigued with the whole idea of the delivery not being on anyone platform. That the concepts or topics for each week are "broadcasted" to the world and that those that are participating in the discussion are "broadcasting" back to anyone who wants to look in .... [Link] 2011-01-17T22:22:00 [Comment]

Thomas Steele-Maley, steelemaley.net » #CCK11
I am looking forward to the CCK11 live session tomorrow and have a few questions to put out there in advance. How do we as participants in CCK11 use connectivist theory and praxis to provide evidence of our learning? Are course participants planning to construct an rssFolio? I have seen the benefits of ePortfolio assessment [...] [Link] 2011-01-18T20:38:43 [Comment]

Just another blog
Judith Egger, base camp
So this is yet another blog. I’ve just read that there are about 152 million blogs on the Internet, so one more or less won’t make a big difference – except for me!I’ve signed up for a MOOC – a Massive Open Online Course – on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge. It “explores the concepts of connectivism and connective knowledge and explores their application as a framework for theories of teaching and learning.” This sounds perfect to me. I’ve always been interested in how .... [Link] 2011-01-18T13:42:00 [Comment]

Juani Abadía, Aprendizaje en Red
Ha comenzado la edición de este año de Connetivism and Conective Knowledge. Y estoy en el grupo que va a seguir el curso.Es abierto (open) y gratis. También es en inglés.Sigo en mis trece de mejorar este imprescindible idioma y, de paso (o al revés), me meto un poco más en el mundo del conocimiento compartiendo.Vamos a aprender gracias a construir conexiones utilizando la capacidad de viajar y enviar información a través de las mismas.La teoría de Conectivismo dice que el conocimiento .... [Link] 2011-01-18T18:14:00 [Comment]

Why I Decided to Join CCK11
noreply@blogger.com (Mattias), A Learning Quest
About a week ago I saw a link on Twitter to something called a MOOC. Curious as I am I clicked the link to see what it was. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. I had heard of online courses before of course, but never of MOOC. I started reading the information on the page and realised that this actually was quite interesting. So what is the course about? The course is Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011(#CCK11) and it is facilitated by Stephen Downes and George Siemens. I had .... [Link] 2011-01-17T20:18:00 [Comment]

Darn a wrote a huge post yesterday
hamtra@gmail.com (Tracy Parish), Discovery Through eLearning
I wrote a really long posting yestereday on my phone while I was commuting and now I've lost it.  I'm extremely upset, because it should have posted automatically.  Unfortunately, and I'm not sure why, I don't remember much of what I wrote.  I know it was about the #CCK11 material that I read yesterday for class, but what I specifially was writing about has completely eluded me. [Link] 2011-01-18T17:21:00 [Comment]

Getting Connected
Lisa, Open Ph.D. - An Experiment in Higher Learning
It's winter. I hate the cold and the grayness of it all. I'm hunker down and hide out from the blahness of it all.� I become a hermit. And for those who know me personally, they know that THAT is the exact opposite of who/where I like to be. I'm a chatty-Cathy-sunshine-flip flops-cycling-beach kind of [...] [Link] 2011-01-18T16:53:55 [Comment]

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011 CCK11
Stephanie Sandifer, Change Agency » CCK11
For the next 12 weeks I plan to participate in Connectivism and Connective Knowledge — an open online course (facilitated by Stephen Downes and George Siemens) that explores the concepts of connectivism and connective knowledge and explores their application as a framework for theories of teaching and learning.  As part of this course I will [...] [Link] 2011-01-18T03:27:17 [Comment]