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Success in a MOOC
MA, random thoughts by MA, Sept 20, 2011
This is a great video by Dave Cormier, one of the facilitators of the #change11 MOOC. As a first-time MOOC participant, I'm very excited to be in a MOOC that he's facilitating! 2011-09-16T09:56:00.005-04:00 [Comment]

#change11 - Growing Pains
MA, random thoughts by MA, Sept 20, 2011
After having just graduated with a master's in cyber anthropology, I am very excited to be a part of Georgia Tech's MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) or #change11. My excitement also speaks to the fact that I am once again in the working world and, inevitably, miss being a full-time student. Anyway, I'm trying to dive into this MOOC but it's a bit overwhelming. However, I get the sense that that's kind of the point. By nature, a MOOC is constantly evolving according ... 2011-09-16T09:14:00.004-04:00 [Comment]

I joined a MOOC/#change11
MA, random thoughts by MA, Sept 20, 2011
So I just joined a MOOC, or a Massive Open Online Course, at Georgia Tech called #change11. Just to catch everyone up, I recently accepted a position at Tech as the PR & Social Media Officer for the College of Computing. One of the new things coming out of this college is C21U or the Center for the 21st Century (they just LOVE their acronyms around here). This living laboratory is examining the changes in higher education and the incorporation/disruption of technology in the ... 2011-09-14T16:50:00.003-04:00 [Comment]

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