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#Change11 Pedagogy, Mobile Learning and Assessment in MOOC
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 23, 2011
... Is assessment always necessary in learning (in particular informal learning or social learning)? Can people learn effectively without being assessed? May be not, under a formal education system. But if we argue that it is growth of a person as a product of learning (refer to Stephen’s slides on Connectivism), and based on Connectivism and transculturality, then the assessment would be embedded in the “growth of knowledge, skills and competency”, which could ... 2011-09-23T15:55:16Z [Comment]

Information Literacy, Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 21, 2011
Three important definitions. ... Information Literacy has been defined by the American Library Association in the following way: To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and has the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information. Digital Literacy seems to be very similar: In Wikipedia it starts with a definition that is almost word for word identical to ALA definition of ... 2011-09-21T09:54:08Z [Comment]

The MOOC E-Monster
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 20, 2011
M is for MOOC OPENBLOCKECLOSEBLOCK and that's good enough for me. Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-20T19:14:14Z [Comment]

MOOC on mobile learning at Open University Malaysia
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 19, 2011
Mobile learning at OUM started with the formation of an research team on m-learning in August 2008. Its first task was to determine how ready OUM learners would be for mobile learning. We surveyed almost 3,000 learners throughout Malaysia and found that more than 80 percent of the learners said they would be ready for learning through their mobile phones. We first experimented with podcasts and moved on to using sms to support the blended mode of learning at OUM and found that the latter ... 2011-09-19T16:24:50Z [Comment]

Mobile Learning at Open University Malaysia
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 19, 2011
... Today, with the proliferation of tablet computers such as the iPad and Galaxy Tab, OUM is considering using them as a learning device on OUM course modules can be easily downloaded into. Still at the planning stage, the idea of using tablet computers makes sense as through these devices, not only will course information and learning materials be more easily accessible, the learner will also benefit from other useful applications supported by such devices. In addition, with wi-fi ... 2011-09-19T16:21:27Z [Comment]

What does it mean to cooperate and or collaborate in #Change11 MOOC?
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 19, 2011
When it comes to changes in formal and informal learning, we may need to think about the pedagogy involved, where there may also be a shift from collaborative learning in institutions to cooperative learning in networks. There may also be a shift from cooperative learning in networks to collaborative learning in institutions when MOOC is formally institutionalized and accreditated in institutions. Does it address the difference between cooperation and collaboration learning in the networks/... 2011-09-18T21:57:48Z [Comment]

Definitions, diversity, emergent learning and responsibility in MOOCs
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 19, 2011
... In other words, these MOOCs are set up by one or more individuals. They are created not collectively, as we go along, but usually by one or more (less than 5?) individuals working as a group. As creators and conveners of the MOOC, what responsibility do they have for their creation and the resultant learning that takes place in the MOOC? Where does their responsibility begin and end? Does it matter? Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-17T11:02:17Z [Comment]

Random thoughts
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 19, 2011
I think one education's challenges in the 21st century is going to be whether they can change and adapt to new technology. Moreover, whether education can embrace new forms of technology to drive different types of learning and increase international collaboration. I think #change11 is going to be a fascinating experiment for all involved. Source:, via Michaelanne 2011-09-16T18:39:11Z [Comment]

The C stands for Conference #MOOC #change11
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 15, 2011
In thinking about what a MOOC is, and as I continue to think about how it can be applied to language learning, there is a major distinction between two types of MOOCs: Courses and Conferences. The upcoming Change 11 MOOC seems to be of the latter kind. Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-12T14:12:11Z [Comment]

Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 15, 2011
Group to accompany the MOOC change11... Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-15T21:13:48Z [Comment]

Orienting myself to the Change 11 MOOC
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 15, 2011
... If a MOOC, particularly a CHANGE MOOC is about being open, promoting knowledge as a network of people and things, how can it proscribe forms of human organisation? Bring it on #change11 Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-15T21:12:11Z [Comment]

Curating #Change11
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 15, 2011
Trying to grab some useful e-stuff in Change 2011 MOOC. Do you want to contribute to my curation page? You can suggest a link inside Learn how to create an account and manage it with this tutorial made by Russel Stannard ( Have fun. , via Paulo Simões 2011-09-15T18:05:10Z [Comment]

Change MOOC – #change11
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 15, 2011
After seeing several MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) come and go over the past couple of years, I've decided to play a part in a new one being facilitated by Dave Cormier, George Siemens and Stephen Downes. Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-14T20:23:47Z [Comment]

Beginning the 1st week of the #change11 MOOC – preparing for refractions and unprocesses
Paulo Simões, Change11 |, Sept 15, 2011
Source:, via Paulo Simões 2011-09-12T21:10:23Z [Comment]

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