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Originally started as a MOOC participation blog - and a place to reflect and share ideas, links and my own thoughts and ideas on experiences, issues and concepts to do with teaching and learning in a digital, global environment.
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Online participation experiences with MOOC #change11
jacqui, jacqui connected, Dec 19, 2011
I had my first opportunity to participate with the MOOC # change 11 on-line, in a live discussion, thanks to a Perth based Murdoch university guest speaker Jan Herrington, the start time was suitable for Australian based participants! The ICT was painless via Blackboard and the quality of the connection was good for the hour long discussion - some lag on audio and video but chatting via the keyboard with other participants was instant. I did find the keyboarding chat very open, broad ... 2011-12-19T15:16:00.000+08:00 [Comment]

MOOC 2011
jacqui, jacqui connected, Oct 21, 2011
Since joining the MOOC - I have been reading a few of the posts and networks. So far I am still a bit overwhelmed! The time frames are hard to get used to, what is where is hard to get used to.....and when I check for any live discussions everyone else is away, most likely sleeping in the northern hemisphere! Anyway I am looking forward to some discussion, networking & open learning soon - when I learn how to drive this thing! Here is a helpful YouTube video explaining ... 2011-09-24T17:48:00.000+08:00 [Comment]

On-line participation opportunity with #Change11
jacqui, jacqui connected, Oct 21, 2011
I am planning to participate in a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC called "Change11" Already it feels a little overwhelming - but I hope I will settle into some interesting threads, debates, blogs and networks about education, schooling and technology. I did find this brief YouTube video by Will Richardson about MOOCs and PLNs (Personal Learning Networks) useful in deciding about participating in the MOOC. I was mostly interested in what he had to say about ... 2011-09-19T16:55:00.000+08:00 [Comment]

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