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This where I try to maintain a reflective blogging practice about teaching grade 4. I will be trying to post a week reflection for the Change 2011 MOOC. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2012-02-16T22:02:14.115-0

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Change 2011 MOOC Goals
MeacherTeacher, Blogging Fourth, Oct 04, 2011
So, the first thing I need to do to for the Change 2011 MOOC is to think about my goals for the course. * First, I am hoping that this experience will lead to interesting exchanges and connections with other educators in general and especially other elementary school teachers. * I have not taken any formal courses since graduating from university. I hope that this course will help me get my brain back into better academic shape. * I hope to stay with the course for the whole year, even ... 2011-10-03T12:19:00.002-04:00 [Comment]

(Yet) Another Try
MeacherTeacher, Blogging Fourth, Oct 04, 2011
Okay, so blogging regularly over the summer didn't pan out the way I thought it would. I didn't manage to keep to the blogging challenge at all. It seemed like suddenly my six year-old was home for the summer, and baby got a whole lot more mobile and active all at once. After a couple of failed weeks, I decided that I would prioritize family and spend quality time with the kids instead this summer, but I know that is an excuse. I know I spent 15 minutes lurking on Twitter most ... 2011-10-03T10:41:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

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