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#Change11:Week2-MOOC and Mobile learning
kevin huang, New Learning&Technology, Sept 19, 2011
先来发发牢骚,参与在线开放课程的还有另一大问题便是网速问题和防火墙问题,访问个网址要不就是20几秒以上,要不就是直接Error,真是让人崩溃到悬崖的边缘,这样获取资源的方式实在会严重影响我们学习的进度很体验。建议课程以后是否能够多提供几个地方,最好多个语言版本,开放课程的精神在于在分享中学习,如果都建立不上连接,谈何学习呢? Week2的主题是移... Tue, 20 Sep 2011 01:14:02 +0800 [Comment]

My learning experiences on MOOC in Week1
kevin huang, New Learning&Technology, Sept 19, 2011
   Abstract:sorry,my english is poor, i will give a short introduce about my blog:i have met some issu such as:(1)i miss myself in the mooc,and i don't know how to start my learning,(2)language is the barrier for my learning in the mooc.and i know i must enhance my self-directed learning skills now.    非常有幸这个学期可以参加两门在线的公开课程,我关注这种新型的网络教学形式已经有一段时间了,但是之前总是有各种各... Mon, 19 Sep 2011 18:07:27 +0800 [Comment]

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