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At Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, BC, Canada, we have formed a small group of faculty and support staff who are interested in discussing how some of these topics relate to us here at our institution. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated:

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#change11 - Managing Technology
meg.goodine, Kwantlen Change MOOC , Oct 21, 2011
Tony Bates' session this week focused on how university and college management can influence transformation. Drawing on research from his recent book with Albert Sangra, Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching and Learning, Bates facilitated a synchronous session to start off the week. A couple of the points he raised in the session resonated with me: Kwantlen Change MOOC read more Sat, 22 Oct 2011 00:07:00 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 - Takeaways from Collective Learning Week
meg.goodine, Kwantlen Change MOOC , Oct 11, 2011
change11 Takeaways from Collective Learning Week I really appreciated Alison Littlejohn's excellent overview of collective learning and of the literacies students will need to bridge the gap between knowledge practices in higher education and those in the workplace. (See the slide show here: as well as this report on "literacies of the digital") Kwantlen Change MOOC read more Tue, 11 Oct 2011 22:02:46 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 - Pedagogies of Abundance
meg.goodine, Kwantlen Change MOOC , Oct 01, 2011
Finding the MOOC such a good antidote to how stalled I'm starting to feel about our direction for educational technology at Kwantlen. It's refreshing to read the thoughts of so many clever, articulate people all wanting to talk about doing things differently. I find myself having to consciously reign in my "kid-in-a-candy-store" impulses to stop jumping randomly from one compelling blog post to another. Kwantlen Change MOOC read more Sat, 01 Oct 2011 18:43:41 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 - MOOC goals and mobile learning thoughts
meg.goodine, Kwantlen Change MOOC , Sept 27, 2011
I've lurked around a few other MOOCs and gotten either side-tracked or overwhelmed, but with this great line up of topics and presenters, this time I really wanted to make a concerted effort to discuss and contribute, so I hoped that forming this Kwantlen group would boost my commitment level and keep me on track. Kwantlen Change MOOC read more Tue, 20 Sep 2011 04:07:58 +0000 [Comment]

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