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CWL (for short) started as an online CAW workshop project, expanded later to blogging about teaching and learning language/s and writing with computers, including the effects of CAW and social media on language itself. Next, came MOOCs: CWL morphed into my general purpose (if underused) course blog. It's still about the language/computing intersect just not all the time. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2012-01-24T21:09:00.802-0

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making a list, checking it twice
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Jan 11, 2012
So #evomlit 2012 begins. #Change11 & #POTcert11 heading into 2nd half. Time to (try again to) get it together. That reminds me of a Nebbish cartoon. But not worry overmuch either if I don't... For those, who as Vance phrased it, like ticking items off checklist, here's where I am this morning. I feel obliged to mention though that like may have little to do with it. I am approaching that Swiss cheese brain stage of life plus multitask online in several other ... 2012-01-11T16:31:00.001-05:00 [Comment]

at long last: hello #multiliteracies, #POTcert11, #CMC11 & #change11
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Oct 29, 2011
Finally! Today is the day I break the block, stop procrastinating and MOOC blog. So long, too much territory to cover.  I won't even try. Even so, it is still long enough to invite procrastination.  I started impressions in 750words, an online writing application to develop the habit of daily writing. The purpose is just to write, get started writing and keep writing, with no other purpose ~ certainly not create blog posts, create documents, answer mail and so on, but the ... 2011-10-29T14:41:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

Complexity, self-organization, #Change11 etc
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Oct 02, 2011
 Even if not specifically designated as such, thoughts on navigating chaos, an ongoing Multiliteracies consideration, shine through. Besides relevance, this sharing-as-post gives me the opportunity to a) post by email to posterous; b) autopost to CLW; c) get in the habit of using Diggo features; d) comply with MOOC tool building mission, even modest tools with less bling and glitz (and thankfully requiring less bandwidth); e) participate; f) contribute, however modestly, to ... 2011-10-02T12:11:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

Multi(ple): literacies, tasking, connecting, networking #MOOC/s
Vanessa, Computers, Language, Writing, Sept 20, 2011
Would that be multimoocquing (or however spelled)? I favor qu for the hard c. Getting ahead of myself (we can do that here), I came across "Reframing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy" in CMC1l readings for week. The article struck me as MOOC and Multiliteracies relevant even if it uses the word "collaboration" too often. Call it coollaporation and let it be, let it be ... Read more » 2011-09-18T17:03:00.001-04:00 [Comment]

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