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Catalysts and Tea(coa)chers for distributed learning
Jennifer Sinclair, The MOOCow, Sept 27, 2011
The MOOC is a model that invites questions about the role, perhaps even the redundancy, of teachers in a self-directed learning environment. Although key people deliver what could be called core content in a MOOC (although even attending to that is optional) these people are perhaps not teachers in the conventional sense. Clearly they have a deeper knowledge of their topics than (most) others in the MOOC and presumably have been invited to contribute because they have spent time thinking ... 2011-09-27T06:31:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

The tale of the 'achingly beautiful' and 'sad' Tweet
Jennifer Sinclair, The MOOCow, Sept 24, 2011
My engagement with the MOOC has taken a big leap forward because it has helped to increase my confidence and experience in the e-environment. I am already convinced of the value of participating in the MOOC because of this. It has helped to break down my threshold of resistance and fear of going on-line. But, as I mentioned in my previous blog, now I've gotten over my initial resistances its turning out to be fun. Like a game, I'm learning some rules and skills as I go, by trial and ... 2011-09-23T19:23:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Metaphors for a MOOC
Jennifer Sinclair, The MOOCow, Sept 21, 2011
Browsing through the stream of information, links and data attached to and associated with this MOOC, I noticed that some time is spent amongst participants discussing and trying to decide what a MOOC is. I have been thinking about it too and come up with the metaphor of an interactive library. Part of the learning in a MOOC or from a MOOC is figuring how to 'tame' a MOOC and manage it - deciding on a metaphor is one way that helps me tame it and manage it. Information overload ... 2011-09-21T14:31:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

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