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Communicating change in #change11
Terri Ann Guingab, Reflections of a Lifelong Learner, Sept 22, 2011
Fascinating to watch yesterday’s presentation on Mobile Learning by Zoraini Wait Abas. I was initially worried going in about the cost of mobile learning. Cell and network service is ridiculously less expensive in Asian countries than it is here in the States. But it seemed that there were only 31 messages sent throughout the length [...] [Comment]

Facebook communities
Terri Ann Guingab, Reflections of a Lifelong Learner, Sept 20, 2011
As part joining the #change11 MOOC community, I requested membership to the Facebook group. I’ve been in Facebook groups in the past, and to be honest, I never really participated in them. This was in part due to the difficulty involved with knowing when activity was happening in the group. Facebook’s new settings make it [...] [Comment]

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