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Reflections from a middle-aged professional who is marrying for the first time. I'll be contemplating my life, transitions, and #change11. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2012-02-16T01:27:08.772-0

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Sensemaking: badges, certificates and higher education
J Lynn Routh, Routh Truth, Nov 14, 2011
I have characterized myself as a square peg trying to fit in a round hole most of my professional life--first in "corporate" and now in the "academic" world. Just last week I was asked in a job interview why I hadn't pursued my "academic field." That has never been a big concern of mine--only those around me who seem to feel that just because I obtained a degree in instructional systems technology (IST) I should be working as an instructional designer. When I explained to the ... 2011-11-14T12:17:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Why am I lurking in MOOC instead of participating?
J Lynn Routh, Routh Truth, Oct 20, 2011
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Reflections on "interdisciplinary" and blogs
J Lynn Routh, Routh Truth, Sept 29, 2011
I've been reluctant to post again because I'm having a hard time focusing on the subject: Technology and Change in Education! I have so many CHANGES going on in my life: marriage, new household, aging parent depending on me, new project ideas swimming around inside my head, in-law issues, cleaning up old stuff, renewing neglected relationships, planning for an uncertain future, etc. etc. But now, to the subject at hand. Quoting Chapter 6 in Weller "we can see ... 2011-09-29T11:29:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Goals & Expectations
J Lynn Routh, Routh Truth, Sept 20, 2011
I thought about calling this blog "late bloomer" since I seem to be late at everything in life, and I am receiving the "Change newsletters" a day late, but, no worries. I just have more time to consider what to do next! Since I often get overwhelmed with too much stuff, but I love to be "in the thick of things," part of my journey in this course is for me to attend to what I plan to attend to. But, not to get too bogged down and quit. (I may have inadvertently announced my expectations!) ... 2011-09-19T08:33:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

My "Starter" Social Web
J Lynn Routh, Routh Truth, Sept 20, 2011
Not that I haven't social webbed before...just about everyone has facebook now! I have never blogged before, but I wanted a reason to put my toe in the water. It's here! Why now? 1. I signed on for MOOC (a massive open on line course). According to their website, "This is an unusual course. It does not consist of a body of content you are supposed to remember. Rather, the learning in the course results from the activities you undertake, and ... 2011-09-15T11:00:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

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