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#Change11: Competence and Collective Learning
Patty Crowell, Patty's Educational Journey, Oct 03, 2011
October 3, 2011 - Week 4 of the #Change11 MOOC and I am catching up today. As I reviewed materials from previous weeks and then read today's post on collective learning, I am struck by the lack of discussion around competence. I admit it, I like to learn from a subject matter expert. Now, with that said, I also remember college courses - especially my computer courses - where I knew as much and sometimes more than my instructor. I definitely ... 2011-10-03T08:37:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

My first MOOC
Patty Crowell, Patty's Educational Journey, Sept 20, 2011
As a participant in the #Change11 MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), I decided it was time to start my second blog focused on my career in education. (I have written another blog for years which is all about my family's racing hobby). The MOOC is focused on contributions in the field of instructional technology. I have some unique perspectives in this field and have found my experiences are also somewhat unique. First, I have taught high school, college, ... 2011-09-15T15:08:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

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