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#change11 teacher roles and MOOC
onewheeljoe, 104 - connectiv, Feb 02, 2012. Thanks for this post. I see the occasional Tweet by participants who want to interview other participants and I'm interested in this peer-peer self-study within a structure where the teacher role is diminished, distributed, or transformed so greatly (depending on your viewpoint.) I wonder what other formal or informal structures happen in the MOOC that are participant-facilitated opportunities to discuss, explore, and seek feedback? week21

The selfish giant and the unlocking of the gates of elitist higher education (#change11) | opendistanceteachingandlearning
onewheeljoe, 49 - Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups, Jan 24, 2012. It all depends why the kids are playing in the garden. If they are there because it is a place to gather, play, hide, and wrestle, does it matter if the giant won't let them take any fruit or vegetables with them? Dave Snowden made the statement that the reason he and a colleague were able to look at decision making and generate new insights was because they never pursued doctoral degrees and so they had a fresh perspective for research and data, rather than an institutional perspective.

Hugging the cactus
onewheeljoe, 240 - Connecting the dots, Jan 21, 2012. Thanks for sharing. The concept of actively seeking out dissenting opinions is an idea that caught me when Howard Rheingold said, "If you agree with everyone in your network, you're in an echo chamber." To date, I've only watched a few of Dave Snowden's YouTube videos and had an opportunity to just watch a few minutes of the recorded session. You're post is sending me back to the recorded session now.