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Re: Knowledge
VCVaile, , Feb 28, 2012. You might find this article interesting, whether or not you agree. Opening both atabout the same time, I was struck by "complementariness" and the effect of reading each through the lens of the other, further influenced by living in a community suspicious of sharing information outside of clan, patron, client circle, not that more than a few academics aren't as different as they might like to think.

Re: January 11 Chat Transcript
VCVaile, , Jan 16, 2012. Thanks for the transcript ~ much appreciated.

Ideas from the thirteen weeks of MOOC
VCVaile, 139 - Not Worth Printing, Dec 14, 2011. a clear, concise overview... hoping it will help me re-orient somewhat and locate the track whether or not I manage to get back on it

Re: Come get your badges!
VCVaile, , Dec 07, 2011. Badge mania (I may come up with a better term) seems to be a level below (less meaningful) than certificate collecting, which makes it less of a potential threat to credential power. Both badges and certificates are CV fodder. I can't help remembering reading back in the 90s about the growth of add on certificates in skill areas and the prediction that they would eventually replace additional degrees in professional areas.

Hahaha... nothing like a trip the island of bad predictions (not the worst I've heard). We all know how that worked out. More degrees (and debt) in everything. Higher ed responded by turning certification areas into degree programs. Neither are guarantee the ability to perform.

Not all professional areas require licensing or credentials. Professionalization and subsequent licensing of a discipline is presented as a guarantee of quality. The history of professionalization tells a more complete story: control, prestige and marketing. I suspect we are entering another period of shaking up the credentialing process. Disruptive innovation does that. Whether for better or worse, let alone how it will turn out, I have no idea.

Re: Come get your badges!
VCVaile, , Dec 03, 2011. If so, you are not alone. I worked that out of my system in Scouts more that half a century ago, which sounds really long ago put like that.

I have wondered whether promoting badge obsession might be a deliberate attempt to distract MOOCs and open education off the real prize and major Gordian Knot: credentialing, credits and certificates.

#Change11 :: Change33 – Education's Future Revealed !
VCVaile, 175 - Connection not Content, Oct 19, 2011. in addition to productive lurking or perhaps creative lurking ("agile lurking" is another appealing variant), have you considered taking up writing sci/fi? Do for networked open ed what Gibson did for computing and the net. The Edumancer... Tomorrow is National Day on Writing (not I hope just writing one day a year... shudder). I'd submit this to the Gallery of National Writing,, in a flash. Push the nets outward.

Re: #Change11: Setting my learning expectations and goals. Agile lurking.
VCVaile, , Oct 02, 2011. "agile lurker" has to my favorite takeaway. Hopefully (and I hope realistically). my lurking agility improves with each passing mooc.

Count me in too on "identify a fluid information filtering strategy to avoid overflow, meander amongst nodes of activity in true flaneur style." Rather than campus, my preferred mental model of dis/organization has been the city ~ sometimes the cities of urban studies that Kevin Lynch writes about, sometimes real cities I've known and more or less figured out how to navigate, sometime cities in literature ~ other times, Italo Calvino's cities (a mooc for each?)

Could we paraphrase Samuel Johnson and ""Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford"?

Re: Engaging (or not) in #change11
VCVaile, , Sept 21, 2011. Yet as long as someone notices and comments, the connection gets made and shared with others... all a bit happenstance and at the mercy of random chance. Now back to looking for a comment I meant to respond to yesterday...

Re: Mobile Learning at Open University Malaysia
VCVaile, , Sept 19, 2011. Take a look too at the discussion and links in @Ignatia's mobimooc on G-groups,