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Re: Comment to Bioramaxwell: Learning diary Vs blogging a story of motivation #change11
Teresa Elisabeth, , Mar 20, 2012. GLUP!!!

Re: Comment to Bioramaxwell: Learning diary Vs blogging a story of motivation #change11
Teresa Elisabeth, , Mar 20, 2012. hi, I've read the post, but now I need to share the experience of the group blog of my students that I started in January 2012. wait

Re: Learning Artifact for Week 25
Teresa Elisabeth, , Mar 14, 2012. :D yes,

but I do not have golf balls, or I have 01 golf club and a ball! what I do....
Or have 05 buckets and 01 ball ...

Re: week 25 Activities - I
Teresa Elisabeth, , Mar 01, 2012. Hi brainysmuf,
if you are happy, i'm happy too!


Re: orchestration of credibilit
Teresa Elisabeth, , Jan 24, 2012. If you believe in Connectivism neural connections and plasticity of the brain, why not think also in multi-plexing eh ... the brain does not consist of specific parts, but a whole or not!

Jung, Introversion, #change11, epistemology, education, labeling
Teresa Elisabeth, 104 - connectiv, Jan 23, 2012. The title of the post has the word epistemology.

I always think about epistemology.

Just yesterday I read and liked the epistemology based on Morin.
The chapter in the book points to the need to revise the look!
Or Re-vision!!
The current paradigm imprisons our mental model!
I think the crisis will be necessary to implement and adopt the rationale of the principle of epistemological complexity and transdisciplinary perspective and also Nicolescu.

Re: orchestration of credibilit
Teresa Elisabeth, , Jan 23, 2012. Please,
Howard Rheingold
I finally found a text to give a basic question that is of interest to me.

What is your opinion about the article


please. I find much more interesting than the concept of multitasking.

Re: Transformational Tasks
Teresa Elisabeth, , Jan 09, 2012. Thank you also like concrete examples and I'm using on my blog for students

Re: orchestration of credibilit
Teresa Elisabeth, , Jan 06, 2012. Thank you, I will reflect on the architecture of participation, it need to involve my students. Teaching that the rigidity required in the university about the sites may involve a crap detection, motivate participation is my goal today.

Re: Imagination before thinking
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 22, 2011. I wonder if by Physically Separating us by distance learning, We Can Become conscious of the distance Between our understandings?
If you talk about consciousness that is almost philosophical.
Listen: the need and opportunity to teach.
Online or not, the teacher needs to change. Opportunities require. But you know that many fell by the wayside.There are still many people who can not read and write.

if I have students who wish to do the best for them.
In the fight for a change where the system makes the technological knowledge that has brought us.

Some people do not want to lose power, some do not know how to act.
You and me are just the beginning, perhaps not see the end.
Education is a plantation, you do not always know who will eat the cake.


Re: Imagination before thinking
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 22, 2011. Yes, times are exciting, but the bureaucracy is slow.
Some people are too slow.
The physical distance is still difficult because of the generations.
some students miss the presence, others are more independent.
The loss of the central position is optimal.
thus extends the possibility of making mistakes, to err is human.

Thinking the man is thinking ecologically.
But think of a crowd and where each head is a world.
Although we know the speed of things, we know the slowness of some old buildings and institutions.

Re: Imagination before thinking
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 22, 2011. hi, when the system was unfair within the school. Everyone says to be critical and reflective, but I think now the "weapons" are easier.

Meuys adults and students are already working in schools, but have never been to a university.
Now with distance learning all have a chance!

See the inconsistency, they taught, but did not know the theory! They know the practice.

I believe it will be easier to learn, but to get rid of habits will be more difficult.
The balance is difficult.

Re: Imagination before thinking
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 21, 2011. Hi Scott, thanks for your reply. I'm trying to apply the best pedagogy. My students did not know what a blog is and its activities were poor. Visit us to give birth in January. I count on your participation. Happy Holidays.

Re: Imagination before thinking
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 19, 2011. what will be imagination? imagination is different from creativity.
You only imagine or create after accident.
My students do not speak English but also how I wish they have access to proper use of web2.0.
I do not want examples, but they get experiencia.Talvez reality is a perception, my perception differs from its tambem.Gostaria to appreciate what they can and add on knowledge.
Knowledge can not be distorted by ignorance of what happens in the world.
Everyone has an interest in something, employment, travel, no interest is how to die. The desire leads us along the path, but this is not my way, is another.

Re: Slow Learning or what would my ideal learning situation be?
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 09, 2011. hi, I give preference to images, because I don't know english and my students too, the pictures speak more than 1000 words! ;)

Re: Engagement and Motivation
Teresa Elisabeth, , Dec 07, 2011. hi, please, write your frist comment - "I'm puzzled and I like it!", ok!

Re: Deleuze and abundant information #change11
Teresa Elisabeth, , Nov 30, 2011. I really like this post abou Deleuze!

Re: My students were born in the XXI century
Teresa Elisabeth, , Nov 30, 2011. With a short musical theme that can be repeated, you and your family can create something different.
Distribute the order of the instruments, and sets a time for each creation.
Same as jazz or blues, are not great works of art but are transformed into beautiful pieces of music we all love.

Re: Change 11 – catching up
Teresa Elisabeth, , Oct 24, 2011. hi, you write < I was a little disappointed with the lack of response to the activities presented by some of the weeks.>
But remember that there should be a time for a kind of digestion of the themes and activities.
and remember that people of different countries should have different contexts and hence the difficulty to say.

What Elephant? On the Cultural Dimension of Learning Theory
Teresa Elisabeth, 236 - Virtually Foolproof, Sept 29, 2011. yes, nice post!


Assessment in MOOC #Change11 Week3
Teresa Elisabeth, 163 - New Learning&Technology, Sept 27, 2011. hi, it's nice your post!

Getting started
Teresa Elisabeth, 69 - olasELT, Sept 21, 2011. LOL you are very organized !!!

My learning experiences on MOOC in Week1
Teresa Elisabeth, 24 - New Learning&Technology, Sept 19, 2011. HI, my english is poor too, LOL!
But I like the wordle Creativity , multicultural, comunication.
Lissen me , the language it is not the big problem .
You start your learning after write every day ok! bye