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Myths of Teaching and Learning and Technology
Antonio Vantaggiato, Website, Mar 26, 2012. Here is the info you need. week27

I have been setting up a website, humbly named, which I am preparing with the structure and content of a book on the Myths of Teaching and Learning and Technology. The site is done with, which allows for discussion on each paragraph of the text, and this is what I hope would emerge as a product of participant's work.

It is by no means an academic, or well-structured research work, but more of a popular discussion. I am using almost no journal or conference papers, but instead, articles from popular media. Plus, the interviews I am conducting (hope to count on you guys in the next future!) add to the ideas elaborated and to the site itself.

I plan to publish in the next weeks the latest interviews (I got Shirky already up, and this week I'll have another interview done with Mikhail Gershovich, Luke Waltzer, Tom Harbison etc. at Baruch College, etc.), and I finished to prepare a presentation, which you can find at, and which will be incorporated into the website soon.

The Introduction to this work is here:

You can find the index of topics at, and the reading list at

Hasta la vista!