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February 14, 2012

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Learning Design #change11 Questions from abroad.
jaapsoft2, connectiv
(click for larger picture) Some questions for this week of #change11: Picture: I did enlarge the field “Global Elements”. This field is not connected to the other fields in the diagram. Why not? *) How do “Learning Designers” manage to adapt to the diversity of learners and teachers? How do Learning Designers design a rhizomatic [...] [Link] Tue, 14 Feb 2012 08:29:07 +0000 [Comment]

Week 19: Dave Snowden – the demise of the generalist #change11
Regarding education at the 21st Century University, Dave Snowden’s presentation in Week 19 can be summed up as: The ideal higher education system should produce a candidate with "a mixture of practical wisdom, a heavy theoretical wisdom and a willingness to engage conceptually and intellectually with real world problems." – Dave Snowden 2012 Dave Snowden in the 80s worked [...] [Link] Tue, 14 Feb 2012 08:22:37 +0000 [Comment]

Change11 MOOC – First six weeks of 2012
Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog » change11
Ah… the ever increasingly misnamed change11. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a journey that i’ve been less prepared for… and still gotten so much out of. It’s been a season of change for me, I’ve moved houses, spent two months involved in our schools future discussion as an informal consultant, and have tried [...] [Link] Tue, 14 Feb 2012 02:43:59 +0000 [Comment]

Sensemaking in a MOOC
AK, Multilitteratus Incognitus
I had come across Jupidu's post on Sensemaking in a MOOC a while back, but I haven't had much time to respond to it just yet (until now I guess ;-)  ).  I was actually thinking of my participation in MOOCs in general; as well as the two MOOCs I am now participating in - those being Change11 and DS106.  I was actually thinking of points 1, 2, 4 and 5 in specifically and I thought I would do a bit of compare and contrast between the two:Sensemaking works .... [Link] Mon, 13 Feb 2012 22:45:00 +0000 [Comment]

evidence, impact?
T, lucidTranslucent
If we really want to improve the relation between research, policy, and practice in education, we need an approach in which technical questions about education can be addressed in close connection with normative, educational, and political questions about what is educationally desirable.The extent to which a government not only allows the research field to raise this set of questions, but actively supports and encourages researchers to go beyond simplistic questions about "what works" may well .... [Link] 2012-02-13T14:23:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

#Change11 #CCK12 To teach, or not to teach, with technology?
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
I was totally surprised by this post on A Tech Happy Professor Reboots.  I think it has sent a very mixed message to the world. On one hand, it mentioned about the importance of establishing a relationship between professor and students … Continue reading → [Link] Mon, 13 Feb 2012 14:37:11 +0000 [Comment]

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@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 Creatagogy - Creativity and Creative Learning via @ 2012-02-13T14:38:42Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: MT @juandoming: #MOOC a heaven for introverts #change11 #elearning #technology #learning #edtech # 2012-02-13T16:50:12Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #change11 Rhizomatic knowledge and translation « connectiv: The question “Would it be helpful to translate knowl... 2012-02-13T10:13:23Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @Rsuominen: Researching Social Media in Education: What can we learn? by @timbuckteeth #change11 via @Dr_Sharif @ 2012-02-13T12:08:10Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: @dabambic CBC Sparks interviews Weinberger's Too Big to Know & Luciano Floridi, a philosopher of information # 2012-02-13T01:38:39Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @fmorfin: #Change11 @IEML @plevy La esfera semántica de Levy: vía @ 2012-02-12T01:02:05Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Let me use the WWW – Whatever, whenever, wherever… #ds106 # 2012-02-11T13:44:26Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: #change11 Considerazioni su La sfera semantica #IEML by @serena0591 2012-02-11T18:50:25Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @lewismal: Researching Social Media in Education: What can we learn # 2012-02-11T10:17:13Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @VolkmarLa: #Change11 #CCK12 The use of social media (FB/Twitter) in social networking & networked learning | @scoopit # 2012-02-11T10:23:04Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: “@lewismal: Researching Social Media in Education: What can we learn #change11” check slide no. 55 #mdchat # 2012-02-11T13:43:51Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @suifaijohnmak: #Change11 #CCK12 The use of social media (FB/Twitter) in networking 2012-02-11T06:19:26Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @mark_mcguire Aalto Uni "Raising ‘the pirate flag’ in entrepreneurial education with Stanford University" # 2012-02-11T01:15:42Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @JaapSoft: #change11 brick and mortar schools Better primary education, universities do not need that much 2012-02-10T18:42:07Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: "The immediate goal of IEML is to solve the problem of semantic interoperability" i guess i don't see this as a problem. # 2012-02-10T19:07:16Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 The Impact of Social Media (Part 1) # 2012-02-10T11:31:48Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 The Impact of Social Media (Part 1) 2012-02-10T11:32:25Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: L&D depts need to get heads wrapped around The Social Learning Revolution. Thx@C4LPT #goc3 #lrnchat #change11 # 2012-02-10T14:08:28Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Count me in! #change11 # 2012-02-10T14:09:36Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: “@mark_mcguire: Individuals and networks learn from their mistakes; institutions learn how to hide them. #change11 #cck12” < true, I 2012-02-09T23:23:37Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Excelente! RT @plevy: Massive Open Online Courses and #connectivism #Change11 via (and by) @jennymackness # 2012-02-09T17:44:12Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: "@plevy: Massive Open Online Courses and #connectivism #Change11 via (and by) @jennymackness #learning" cc @ 2012-02-09T17:47:47Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: Massive Open Online Courses and #connectivism #Change11 via (and by) @jennymackness # 2012-02-09T21:00:10Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: new blog post, please take a look IEML #change11 2012-02-09T15:20:45Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 The Impact of Social Media (Part 1) via @ 2012-02-08T22:27:51Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: RT @gsiemens: Recording from @plevy's session on #IEML for #change11: 2012-02-08T22:47:45Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: Creative conversations according to Chp 4 of The Semantic Sphere by @jjennymackness #change11 # 2012-02-08T23:27:04Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @NewFacMajority Our Short-Term #EdTech Memory #InsideHigherEd #WhitherU #change11 #evomlit #cck # 2012-02-09T00:40:31Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @raojeda: Thanks to Pierre Levy and his comprehensive and rich presentation #Change11 today! The future awaits 2012-02-08T18:23:34Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: Recording from @plevy's session on #IEML for #change11: 2012-02-08T19:13:57Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Time to change #change11 #cck12 #cmc11 #edchat # 2012-02-08T21:32:03Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #change11 Toward the Hypercortex Pierre Levy webcastg now Join 2012-02-08T16:36:09Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Sensemaking in the MOOC #change11 Value 2012-02-08T16:55:25Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Then meaning will still be a function of people and Not the hypercortext . Good! # 2012-02-08T17:33:24Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: agree! RT @raojeda: What a great presentation taking place at #Change11 with Pierre Levy on collective intelligence and more!!! 2012-02-08T17:24:00Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: RT @plevy: The #IEML philosophy via @jjennymackness # 2012-02-08T10:16:15Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: Para os estudiosos de @plevy #change11 #IEML via @ 2012-02-07T20:07:10Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy: Para os estudiosos de @plevy #change11 #IEML via @ 2012-02-07T20:46:21Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @bugaychuk: Constructivist Learning Theory: via @youtube #cck12 #change11 # 2012-02-07T15:36:56Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @VolkmarLa: Interessting in MOOCs? You are invited to contribute: The MOOC Guide | @scoopit #MOOC #change11 #opco12 # 2012-02-07T16:38:10Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: The #IEML philosophy via @jjennymackness # 2012-02-07T17:28:04Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @plevy The #IEML philosophy via @jjennymackness # 2012-02-07T17:34:52Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11 | Full Circle Associates | @scoopit 2012-02-06T21:25:20Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: Flipping classrooms - why and why it has to be the teacher that does it - #change11 - 2012-02-06T21:30:03Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: ‘Comment Scraper' for Aggregating Blog Posts with Comments in a #MOOC' ; useful tool? # 2012-02-06T10:54:50Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @amcunningham: @dean_jenkins @clareot see #change11 for how I understand a MOOC # 2012-02-06T11:04:33Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @amcunningham: Does a MOOC need a needs analysis? #change11 #mededmooc 2012-02-06T01:25:09Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @nancyrubin: #Change11 #CCK12 The Digital Divide via @ 2012-02-06T04:12:22Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: RT @JeffreyKeefer: Has anybody ever used TAMS Analyzer for Mac? #CAQDAS #phdchat #nlc2012 # 2012-02-05T21:19:19Z

@SussexTLDU (TLDU) tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 The Digital Divide Learner Weblog 2012-02-05T23:22:17Z