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November 3, 2011

Live Event Friday 13:00 pm Eastern!

Friday Session With Nancy White
Click Here to Attend Event
Start: 2011-11-04 13:00 EDT (Check Time Zones)
Finish: 2011-11-04 12:00 EDT

We have a live session planned for Friday, November 4 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (check the world clock for your time). This session will be held here in Collaborate (formerly, Elluminate)

Blog Posts

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#change11 Playing catchup part 1
markuos, Squire Morley
Due to me having another spell in hospital and surgery for an ongoing medical problem I found that I missed the entire Rory McGreal week in the Change11 MOOC. During the spare time that I’ve had this week I’ve been … Continue reading → [Link] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 10:35:08 +0000 [Comment]

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
[Link] 2011-11-03T04:53:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Public Support for Free Learning: A Policy Framework
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Tags: public, free, learning, policy, openeducation, slideshare, stephendownesby: markuos [Link] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:14:41 -0000 [Comment]

change11_25Oct2011.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:Audio Recording of Rory McGreal presentation for Change11 MOOC - markuos morleyTags: change, audio, mpeg, rorymcgreal, mooc, change11by: markuos [Link] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:33:34 -0000 [Comment]

#Change11 Engagement in MOOC and Community of Practice | Learner Weblog
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Tags: change, engagement, community, practice, learner, blogpost, mooc, change11by: markuos [Link] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:23:19 -0000 [Comment]

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-03
t.stafford, Desperately Seeking Fusion™
RT | Professors use student Smart Phones to THEIR Advantage #mlearning #edtech @Virtualismg @tmstaffordllc # RT The City of New York is debating to lift a ban on an important #mlearning tool: @Virtualismg @tmstaffordllc # RT @atrixware: Article: Hello to the Mobile E-Learning Revolution: #powerpoint @Virtualismg @tmstaffordllc # RT #elearning Why parents [...] [Link] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 06:00:00 +0000 [Comment]

Jeffrey's Twitter Updates for 2011-11-03
Jeffrey Keefer, Silence and Voice
@bruzed Ahh, great to meet you. @savasavasava in reply to bruzed # @klbz @NonverbalPhD @daciatakesnote @PeterFlomStat @savasavasava Great; that makes 3 of us. How about the rest of you. 6:00? #phdchat in reply to klbz # Struggling with the #socialartist task / challenge @NancyWhite gave us this week in #change11 Having trouble locating it. OPENBLOCK... [Link] Thu, 03 Nov 2011 06:25:00 +0000 [Comment]

T, lúcidaTranslúcida
documentation available at no cost to the [Link] 2011-11-02T16:54:00.001-07:00 [Comment]

Built-in Breaks for MOOCs
AK, Multilitteratus Incognitus
I viewed this week's live session yesterday afternoon (I really wish there were an export to MP3 function, I know WIMBA, one of the products going into Blackboard Collaborate allows this...but anyway - this isn't the MOOC facilitator's fault). In any case, I don't have much to say this week about the topic, so I will be catching up with things that other people write.I was brainstorming the other day and posted this on twitterIdea for longer MOOCs like #change11, .... [Link] Wed, 02 Nov 2011 21:25:00 +0000 [Comment]

Social Artists … ends up being about mooc design #change11 #socialartist
Colin, Learning in the workplace
Finally caught up with the MOOC. Well not quite: I didn’t catch Nancy White’s presentation live, but looked at it, and the DTLT event as recordings. Nancy‘s presentation was hyper-interactive, with dozens of participants contributing via the whiteboard (usually all at once) … as such it was a bit frustrating to follow as a recording. [...] [Link] Wed, 02 Nov 2011 21:04:27 +0000 [Comment]

The Selfish Blogger – A discussion :-)
jennymackness, Jenny Connected
Its ironic that having said that I don't see blogs as a discussion tool... "I don't see blogs as a discussion tool, for the average person like me. They might be a discussion tool for people like Tony Bates, Stephen Downes, George Siemens and others who have a well-recognized reputation and likely a lot of [...] [Link] Wed, 02 Nov 2011 17:47:50 +0000 [Comment]

Boring (#change11)
Mike McCracken, mikemccchangeblog
I was thinking about connectivism and classical pedagogy.  We’ve all suffered through the boring class with the boring topic with the boring teacher, boring us to death.  I’m an engineer and in my  youth, my experience with history classes was just that.  Boring.   As I get older and closer to the end, my fascination [...] [Link] Wed, 02 Nov 2011 15:09:50 +0000 [Comment]

Ways of learning #Change11
Lone Guldbrandt, Reflections Feed
I´m am looking very much for hearing Nancy White. Mostly because she is... [Link] Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:52:32 +0100 [Comment]

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@MarcoCaramori tweeted: #change11 2011-11-03T07:13:15Z

@markuos tweeted: #change11 Playing Catchup blogpost part 1 - 2011-11-03T10:36:55Z

@CathyLAnderson tweeted: #change11 Open Education Resources; Rory McGreal, Tony Bates, and Direct Instruction .. « Cathy Anderson 2011-11-03T05:10:02Z

@Cris2B tweeted: "We are their OPENBLOCKcomputersCLOSEBLOCK killer app" Sherry Turkle, Alone Together #bookhenge via @msdecamp16 #change11 # 2011-11-03T05:06:19Z

@JeffreyKeefer tweeted: @NancyWhite @gsiemens @davecormier Was the time for Friday finalized? # 2011-11-02T22:59:52Z

@celwalsh tweeted: Favourite comment in @NancyWhite presentation is 'Dead air is sometimes alive'. Importance of reflection in learning # 2011-11-03T01:10:37Z

@celwalsh tweeted: @jeffreykeeler me too. Is a #socialartist a social facilitator? # 2011-11-03T01:08:08Z

@JeffreyKeefer tweeted: Struggling with the #socialartist task / challenge @NancyWhite gave us this week in #change11. Having trouble locating it. Ironic, 2011-11-02T23:02:46Z

@JeffreyKeefer tweeted: @gsiemens @davecormier Let us know if we can help in the process! Even a week in advance would be very helpful # 2011-11-02T23:00:33Z

@NancyWhite tweeted: @JeffreyKeefer think abt moments where the actions of someone in a group/network changed the trajectory or energy #socialartist # 2011-11-03T01:52:54Z

@serenacheong tweeted: RT @kukharenko: You can’t manage informal learning – only the use of informal media #UkrEl11 #change11 via @ 2011-11-03T01:28:57Z

@serenacheong tweeted: RT @kukharenko: DEVELOPMENT OF LEARNING THEORIES #UkrEl11 #change11 via @ 2011-11-03T01:27:48Z

@NancyWhite tweeted: #change11 live follow up session Friday at 10am pDT # 2011-11-03T02:02:46Z

@NancyWhite tweeted: @celwalsh silence can be our friend #change11 # 2011-11-03T01:58:01Z

@NancyWhite tweeted: @scottlo #digitalyenta might be an aspect of #social artist but I think just a part. It's bigger, no? # 2011-11-03T01:57:21Z

@NancyWhite tweeted: @celwalsh @jeffreykeeler yes...AND is more than facilitation methinks #change11 # 2011-11-03T01:53:35Z

@suifaijohnmak tweeted: ‎#Change11 Is community about ideas, emotions, passion & inspiration sharing? Here is the story 2011-11-03T02:21:39Z

@suifaijohnmak tweeted: #Change11 Why Change is not only difficult, but challenging in scientific research! 2011-11-03T02:13:05Z

@cdmilligan tweeted: Social Artists ... ends up being about mooc design #change11 #socialartist 2011-11-02T21:12:06Z

@chrissinerantzi tweeted: Spicing up your teaching through a mixed-reality game. Please vote at #edchat #ukedchat #cmc11 #change11 # 2011-11-02T21:05:48Z

@pgcap tweeted: Spicing up your teaching through a mixed-reality game. Please vote at #edchat #ukedchat #cmc11 #change11 # 2011-11-02T21:05:47Z

@giuliaforsythe tweeted: Social Artists ends up being...about MOOC design #socialartists # 2011-11-02T21:53:05Z

@jefflebow tweeted: Recording & chat log from today's COOLCast - 'Where is the Change?' will soon be at #change11 'night from 2011-11-02T17:38:52Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: anyone on #change11 using Mendeley? If so, let's connect: 2011-11-02T16:52:48Z

@giuliaforsythe tweeted: @scottlo I think I meant "we" as #change11 folks- about changing ed. #ds106 is about making art, damnit. (To me, that's not too different) 2011-11-02T16:03:40Z

@davecormier tweeted: @giuliaforsythe I gave you create rights over the new #change11 live session calendar in case you guys do more fun interview 2011-11-02T17:40:25Z

@RobeleU tweeted: The #change11 journal is out! ▸ Top stories today via @cued_ @mikeforschools @bradflickinger @ 2011-11-02T13:07:32Z

@joserovira tweeted: RT @juandoming: elearnspace › Why #Occupy will fail by George Siemens | @scoopit #elearning #change11 #mooc # 2011-11-02T11:33:55Z

@JeffreyKeefer tweeted: @NancyWhite @gsiemens @davecormier It can be any time you like, I suppose. I just have to get it in my calendar # 2011-11-02T13:31:46Z

@JeffreyKeefer tweeted: Is there another synchronous session with @NancyWhite this Friday? I cannot find its specs it on the #change11 site @gsiemens @ 2011-11-02T13:29:09Z

@CathyLAnderson tweeted: #change11 Open Education Resources; Rory McGreal, Tony Bates, and Direct Instruction .. « Cathy Anderson 2011-11-02T13:10:07Z

@edtechtalk tweeted: On Air NOW: COOLCast with @timmmmyboy discussion "Where is the Change"? Tune in at # 2011-11-02T13:53:13Z

@NancyWhite tweeted: Fab #change11 reflection on the importance of small things in learning 2011-11-02T13:50:31Z

@JeffreyKeefer tweeted: @gsiemens @davecormier Can we provide more notice for the weekly #change11 synchronous sessions? It is a struggle to move things last 2011-11-02T13:33:28Z

@marloft tweeted: Fab #change11 reflection on the importance of small things in learning via @ 2011-11-02T14:05:33Z

@jefflebow tweeted: Going on air now with @timmmmyboy discussing "Where is the Change"? # 2011-11-02T13:53:28Z

@pfidalgo1 tweeted: RT @NancyWhite: Fab #change11 reflection on the importance of small things in learning 2011-11-02T13:53:22Z

@daniellynds tweeted: check out all the #change11 recordings thus far. great presentation this past monday oct 31 by @nancywhite # 2011-11-02T14:32:10Z

@bugaychuk tweeted: UNESCO OER #UkrEl11 # 2011-11-02T09:47:39Z

@cued_ tweeted: RT @lgaretio: #Change11 My reflection on MOOC as a Community & Community of Practice 2011-11-02T08:03:28Z

@cued_ tweeted: RT @lgaretio: #Change11 How to improve connectivity in MOOC through tools and media 2011-11-02T08:03:27Z

@KellyABurton tweeted: Pretty cool slide presentation: #Change11 MOOC Session - October 31 2011-11-02T05:13:38Z

@amcunningham tweeted: @SarahStewart yes I think that was @kevfrost - these courses are not about SoMe but use MOOC... Maybe not same as #Change11 etc 2011-11-01T23:54:41Z

@suifaijohnmak tweeted: #Change11 Groups and Networks. Still fresh in my mind, how about yours? 2011-11-01T23:21:41Z

@lewismal tweeted: @dean_jenkins Read the storify - interested and watching #MedEdMOOC Hopefully after # 2011-11-01T23:15:09Z

@ConnectedPD tweeted: ConnectedPD FirstFriday Twitterchat 11/5 9am PDT w Howard Rheingold on Teacher PD and Participatory Learning. # 2011-11-02T01:35:03Z

@ashleyproud tweeted: New blog post - I love it when I am challenged to think Some interesting ideas on education scenarios # 2011-11-02T00:11:30Z

@eddebainbridge tweeted: RT @shirazdatta: #Change11 Connectivism and Constructivism – What’s similar and different? via @eddebainbridge 2011-11-01T19:25:35Z

@JaapSoft tweeted: #change11 #socialartist why-small-things- 2011-11-01T22:02:54Z

@bugaychuk tweeted: WikiEducator - #UkrEl11 # 2011-11-01T19:48:54Z