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September 27, 2011

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Session with Martin Weller
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Start: 2011-09-28 12:00 EDT (Check Time Zones)
Finish: 2011-09-28 13:00 EDT
Synchronous session - this is scheduled for Wednesday 28th at 12:00 pm Toronto (Eastern) time. Conversions to different time zones can be found here. The intention is for this to be an open session to discuss any of the issues, but there will be some prompts also. #week3

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Shukies Web: distributed if not contributed
shukie, Shukies Web
Shukies Web: distributed if not contributed: This is the first posting since joining the #Change11 and the I am in a kind of alienated hinterland that has left me lost, in the processes ... [Link] Tue, 20 Sep 2011 11:57:00 +0000 [Comment]

distributed if not contributed
shukie, Shukies Web
This is the first posting since joining the Change11 and the I am in a kind of alienated hinterland that has left me lost, in the processes of interaction, and of the network.  I have been excited asbout the potenyail for a new theory and spent much of the summer poring over the many voices that discuss connectivism as such.  It has been inspirational not becuase I am now happy that a theory exists that explains the clumsy awkward adaptions of other theoretical .... [Link] Mon, 19 Sep 2011 17:29:00 +0000 [Comment]

Onward and outward
shukie, Shukies Web
Learning new ways of placing myself, and locating others, is still my main task. I work in a Higher Education college in the UK on an Education Studies programme - can't deny my own revolutionary tendencies in looking for a radical shift from the institutional model and I have been spending the last few months looking at connectivim thinking it may lie there - although 'there' doesn't really exist, it's rather a recognition of changes in knowledge and learning that .... [Link] Tue, 20 Sep 2011 19:06:00 +0000 [Comment]

How do I Begin?
maha4learning, maha4learning » #change11
I started this account few weeks back to use it as part of a learning journey with my first ever MOOC (if you are asking what is a MOOC, I am hoping that if all goes well you will find … Continue reading → [Link] Thu, 15 Sep 2011 13:54:58 +0000 [Comment]

Who I am
maha4learning, maha4learning » #change11
My Short version ( decided to create it after I saw how long my post became ) Trainer, Life and Executive Coach Life Long Learner (inquisitive, always exploring and learning, energized by learning) Very interested in Online Learning especially the … Continue reading → [Link] Mon, 19 Sep 2011 22:09:26 +0000 [Comment]

T, lúcidaTranslúcida
I am dismayed at the first week!I need a Quadrant to read so much information.I will try to follow the strategy that some people, Vanessa, Simoes and Jaap ....I'm scared of the possible tensions by trying to read and write possible, but mainlyhave to understand the diversity of people and&.... [Link] 2011-09-15T16:00:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

the weight or the force
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
Is it valid to relive the experience ... I do not know.But no doubt some points should be news.  The perspective of Time (SDowens)!Are interesting examples  . Maybe a look at 08 hours per week.-1 hour posts -Forums 2 hours (my students do not spend this time, the answers are .... [Link] 2011-09-13T16:20:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

four days of experience
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
Zoraini Wati Abas, I would like to know the content of the messages, whether links or motivational messages, could send an example. Working with distance education and very little actually used the phone to contact students. Until Sunday, four days of experience!I'll try it for .... [Link] 2011-09-21T19:37:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

IPAD - experiencias
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
[Link] 2011-09-21T07:28:00.001-07:00 [Comment]

week 2 Eye on Learning #change11
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
tablet and mobile< It can take learning right into the home, workplace andcommunity. It can be spontaneous and portable, unobtrusive and ubiquitous. Most of all,it can take educators in the ODL environment one step nearer to achieving "any time,anywhere" learning.> (Zoraine Wati Abas)< Still at the planning stage, the idea of using tablet computers makes sense as through these devices, not only will course information and learning materials be more easily accessible, the .... [Link] 2011-09-19T19:31:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

it' s true
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
I cut it out of the more important to me.<1- MOOCs are open and fluid, each key factors in epistemological digital practices.2- However, this potential for open registration in terms of space creates challenges for instructorsand students alike in terms of expectations: conventions of role and interactions in a "classroom"context are deeply ingrained, and when the  shatters the scale of classroom relationships...3-  However, .... [Link] 2011-09-19T08:37:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

first morning - m-learning
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
first morning of experience mentoring m-learning.05 students received messages, encourage or answers to questions that occurred the previous day.messages were sent 09 hours and five minutes later, one student said. < OK>but this student  appears to be  faster... 11 pm he returns to the .... [Link] 2011-09-22T07:13:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

T, lúcidaTranslúcida
Via: Voxy [Link] 2011-09-27T04:09:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

a box of surprises
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
the MOOC means to me exactly this phrase.I know I'm late and slow.I actually prefer reading the posts.Blogs and  e-books in this monday.Blog 1 here and here e-book and activity -  "what impact has digital scholarship had on your practice and what difficulties have you encountered?"What skills do they require to foster?So we simultaneously .... [Link] 2011-09-26T20:01:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

week 2 - SPRING, the season change too!
T, lúcidaTranslúcida
<According to the presentation, the five general categories of SMS sent included content, forum participation reminders, tips and strategies, motivation to stay engaged with the course, and course management such as announcements.>My experience agrees with the concepts of week 2Thanks for my friend Jaap  CONNECTIVThe Learner weblogand [Link] 2011-09-23T18:20:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Fall: the Season for Learning
lindapemik, Learning out in the Open
Fall is here and my thoughts turn to going back to traditional is that in this world of asynchronous, open online learning? I have enrolled in Powerful Learning Practices free Web 2.0 course, a pre-game warm up.  Our second lesson, What is Web 2.0 and why does it matter,  asked us to review a [...] [Link] Fri, 09 Sep 2011 21:00:15 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 Learning in the 21st Century?
pepsmccrea, LEARNEROSITY
#change11, the latest MOOC from Siemens et al. starts today. It’s a 36-week open, online campaign in participatory learning hung around ‘Change, Technology & Education’. Each week a different legend in the field (check out the schedule) will throw a few artefacts into … Continue reading → [Link] Mon, 19 Sep 2011 21:26:58 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 - MOOC goals and mobile learning thoughts
meg.goodine, Kwantlen Change MOOC
I've lurked around a few other MOOCs and gotten either side-tracked or overwhelmed, but with this great line up of topics and presenters, this time I really wanted to make a concerted effort to discuss and contribute, so I hoped that forming this Kwantlen group would boost my commitment level and keep me on track.Kwantlen Change MOOC read [Link] Tue, 20 Sep 2011 04:07:58 +0000 [Comment]

What is a MOOC? Am I crazy? #change11
Ashley, I Am One Of Those People!
Since I have moved my blog across to blogger, I must state that I am really happy with its functionality and ease of use. I love how it has just integrated everything so easily and as we speak I am laying on my grass at 11:46am using the Blogger app for my iPhone to create this post.I am not sure if I am crazy or not but I have signed up to undertake a MOOC in the #change11 project. From what I can gather I can make this project basically be whatever I want it to be. I have been reading my .... [Link] 2011-09-15T18:54:00.001-07:00 [Comment]

Change MOOC 2011
slogblogger, Slog's Blog
I've always been too busy slogging away at teaching about rather than doing. Absurdly, I've prepared countless lessons for my pre-service and graduate students on blogs, wikis, forums -- all the digital environments enhancing collaborative learning -- but had too little time to actually use blogs in real situations. So I've recently opened this blog as an area in which I hope to summarize experiences and post reflections as I participate in the Change MOOC (and hopefully have .... [Link] 2011-09-23T12:20:00.005+03:00 [Comment]

Goals and Expectations (Finally!) for #change11
Jeffrey Keefer, Silence and Voice
OK, so here we are into Week 3 of the of the #Change11 MOOC, and I am finally ready to articulate my own personal goals and expectations for the course. Unlike most courses, there are no stated objectives or expectations for a MOOC. As I quoted from the MOOC Model document in my post Clarification OPENBLOCK... [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 14:55:41 +0000 [Comment]

Hello Worlds. Colliding.
Giulia Forsythe,
So…I’m going to try and participate in two MOOCs this term. The #Change11 MOOC introduces “participants to the major contributions being made to the field of instructional technology by researchers today. Each week, a new professor or researcher will introduce … Continue reading → [Link] Tue, 13 Sep 2011 03:49:49 +0000 [Comment]

Filtering for Bags of Gold
Giulia Forsythe,
and all that remained were the listeners having a conversation and the words shape shifted into these incredible hybrid beasts Continue reading → [Link] Sat, 17 Sep 2011 15:21:44 +0000 [Comment]

The Digital Scholar, Manga Version
Giulia Forsythe,
"If anyone wants to take the HTML version and create an Egyptian hieroglyphics version delivered via 1988 version of HyperCard - well, they can" Continue reading → [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 11:25:20 +0000 [Comment]

Change11 Goals or: Why I became a MOOC Whore
simkathy, Free-range Thoughts
Change2011: My Goals I am following the broad evolution of education reform and my goal for Change 2011 is to push forward my knowledge in all of the broad areas of education (especially the implications for libraries)  as well as find new arcs of progress and thinking. I never know where this broad goal will [...] [Link] Mon, 19 Sep 2011 17:03:50 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 week 2 – mobile learning, mp3s then sms
John Kuti, feel do think
This year my main study activity is going to be Investigating Language in Action at the OU, but… to keep my hand in with distance learning I’m also participating in The Massive Open Online Course run by Dave Cormier, George Siemens … Continue reading → [Link] Sat, 24 Sep 2011 15:35:07 +0000 [Comment]

#change11 week 3 – digital scholarship
John Kuti, feel do think
How far is a language teacher best viewed as a kind of performer who organises instances of communication which the students should experience? There is certainly a big industry providing packaged, and somewhat artificial, language learning experiences…which ought to be … Continue reading → [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 06:25:12 +0000 [Comment]

So, if the world is round then . . .
blackste, eLearning at Yarra Hills
Oh for a flat earth! There are so many opportunities for learning, sharing and collaborating in online, International courses such as  #change11 BUT, a round earth means so many time zones (would a flat earth have time zones too?). As a result the live broadcast I'd like to attend is at 2am my time. It is school holidays so I can make this one but when term begins I will have to consider the benefits of getting up for an early morning session against the disruption of .... [Link] 2011-09-26T16:07:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

New Beginnings
vhaustudent, Diving Deep and Flying High
I initially started a blog elsewhere but after much deliberation, I have decided to be more vigilant in concealing my identity in order to protect my family. I will follow-up later on this decision in a subsequent blog but for now, here is what I initially wrote on September 13, 2011... Today is a day of beginnings... I just completed my first synchronous meeting with my professor and peers for the new course at Athabasca University's (AU) Distance Education program. I began my journey .... [Link] 2011-09-20T22:10:00.004-04:00 [Comment]

vhaustudent, Diving Deep and Flying High
I have created this blog with the express intention to share my ongoing experiences, observations, comments, and thoughtful ramblings as I participate in a unique seminar course as a Distance Education student at Athabasca [Link] 2011-09-20T22:02:00.004-04:00 [Comment]

Welcome Change11!
alexpreal, Curiosity May Kill This Cat
I’m delighted to get involved in the Change11 MOOC. After taking part in previous ones, my main goal here is not to be a lurker. Simple as it may seem, the sociologist & researcher in me leads to a low-profile focused on analysis and reflection. In addition, I can’t help wondering whether what I may [...] [Link] Thu, 22 Sep 2011 10:23:16 +0000 [Comment]

My Goals for Change MOOC
changemoocing, changemoocing
I'm very excited to start taking the Change MOOC course. And I've come up with a list of personal goals. Here they are: Learn how MOOCs are run. Advantages and disadvantages of learning through MOOCs. Metacognitively observe my feelings, experiences, … Continue reading → [Link] Thu, 22 Sep 2011 16:57:00 +0000 [Comment]

Sharing a changing world
ictworks, Change : Education, Learning and Technology
“For things to change, first I must change” – wisdom from an unknown source, but good advice for learners and educators alike. I’m simultaneously impressed by the tremendous efforts of some people around the world who are striving to transform … Continue reading → [Link] Sat, 17 Sep 2011 04:59:12 +0000 [Comment]

Celebremos la diferencia
Verónica Vázquez Zentella, Con sabor educativo
Para nadie es un secreto que la diversidad es una fuente para la indagación, la interacción y el aprendizaje. Sin embargo, aun cuando nuestra riqueza y conocimiento estriba en la diversidad de pueblos y culturas, insistimos en tomar posturas inflexibles y unilaterales a este respecto, defendiendo –e imponiendo- nuestro punto de vista como si éste fuera absoluto. En un mar de infinitas posibilidades, nos negamos la oportunidad de aprender –desde la diferencia- algo nuevo. Erróneamente, .... [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 13:21:00 +0000 [Comment]

Thinking about #Change11
ElaineS, Blue Tree
I’ve had a bit of catching up to do recently due to other matters taking precedent but I’ve finally got some time to try and articulate why I want to be involved in #change11 and what I hope to get out of it. These come down to a few things Better understanding of connectivism – [...] [Link] Thu, 22 Sep 2011 20:33:45 +0000 [Comment]

Digital, Networked and Open : The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice : Bloomsbury Academic
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:I've made some annotations and floating comments here. Possibly Martin would like to respond in situ? - markuos morleyHighlights and Sticky Notes:What is Martin's definition of a social network here? - markuos morleySurely scholars could use email distribution lists and Usenet Newsgroups for such activities commonly back in the early 1990's? - markuos morley'Scholarship' is itself a rather old-fashioned term.Blogs are also the epitome of the type of technology .... [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 14:44:42 -0000 [Comment]

Catalysts and Tea(coa)chers for distributed learning
Jennifer Sinclair, The MOOCow
The MOOC is a model that invites questions about the role, perhaps even the redundancy, of teachers in a self-directed learning environment. Although key people deliver what could be called core content in a MOOC (although even attending to that is optional) these people are perhaps not teachers in the conventional sense.Clearly they have a deeper knowledge of their topics than (most) others in the MOOC and presumably have been invited to contribute because they have spent time thinking about .... [Link] 2011-09-27T06:31:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Assessment in MOOC #Change11 Week3
kevin, New Learning&Technology
    这周忙着参加各个IT公司的笔试和面试,耽误了不少学习时间,在回首这周学习过程中,发现不少学习者探讨了MOOC中的学习与评价的关系问题,浏览下大家的观点,总结如下:在正式学习情境中,评价将依据机构、教师为学习者设定的教学目标,评价学习完成之后学习者的能力、技能与知识的获取等,这种学习从某个侧面来讲是评价为中心的教学,评价为教师提.... [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 21:01:34 +0800 [Comment]

It's not about tools. It's about change. « Connectivism
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Tags: conectivism, siemens, pleby: Константин Бугайчук [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:11:16 -0000 [Comment]

The Periodic Table Of The Social Web | The Blog
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Tags: education, web, 2.0, socialmediaby: Константин Бугайчук [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 08:57:37 -0000 [Comment]

Is the Revolution Justified? : The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice : Bloomsbury Academic
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Comments:The Digital Scholar - Martin Weller - Allan QuartlyHighlights and Sticky Notes:And Oblinger and Oblinger (2005) claim as one of the defining characteristics of the net generation that 'they want parameters, rules, priorities, and procedures ... they think of the world as scheduled and someone must have the agenda. As a result, they like to know what it will take to achieve a goal. Their preference is for structure rather than ambiguity'. This rather begs the question, '.... [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 01:10:00 -0000 [Comment]

Why teaching isn’t selling
Dave Cormier, Dave's Educational Blog » change11
Boring preamble I’ve been trying to think my way through the reasons why I’ve spent so much time in the last five years tracking down what i’ve called rhizomatic learning/rhizomatic education/rhizomatic thinking… I’ll be presenting in the #change11 mooc before long and am committed to putting together the week in such a way that those [...] [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 02:35:36 +0000 [Comment]

#Change11 Who would you like to be connected to?
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
Here is a suggested model on teaching and learning – pedagogy and strategies that I created I would also like to validate these through further research.  How about testing them through MOOCs – Change 11, or other MOOCs that you … Continue reading → [Link] Tue, 27 Sep 2011 01:42:18 +0000 [Comment]

What the Connections Acquisition Means | Getting Smart
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Highlights and Sticky Notes:For Pearson, this transaction signals a more rapid move into school management that was anticipated.  Historically, the line between supporting and operating schools has been one they did not want to cross given the special venom for private enterprise when it takes outcome responsibility.  I suspect when they considered accelerating rate (see my forecast) of adoption of learning online, it made the decision easy.One consistent .... [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 23:57:11 -0000 [Comment]

iterating toward openness | pragmatism over zeal
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Highlights and Sticky Notes:One of the areas ripest for innovation is alternative certification of informal learning. Hence, the recent excitement about badges. Badges have incredible potential for providing a viable alternative to the traditional system of credits most universities are tied to by accreditors. It seems to me that there is a critical need for someone to demonstrate that badges are a viable alternative to the traditional accreditation process.However, because the gold standard .... [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 23:56:28 -0000 [Comment]

#change11 The gorilla in the room
Sue Hellman, Small Changes; BIG RETURNS
I've been clearing out my webmail this morning. I'm in a MOOC, and Moodle Meet, and the MathFutures Google Group, and there is so much material is floating into my inbox that I tend to let it pile up like a log jam and then have to selectively blast out a few holes so I can find critical daily communications amongst the torrent of inputs. But before I finish my clean-up, I want to address the issue of filtering when it comes to input overload because this idea keeps coming up .... [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 10:46:00 -0700 [Comment]

Digitial Scholar and self-regulated learning #change11
mdeimann, markusmind
This week’s topic in the MOOC #change11 is about the digital scholar, a concept thoroughly researched by one of my colleagues in the OlNet team, Martin Weller. He just published a book with the same title which can be accessed here. I found the parallels between Open Education and the music or newspaper industry interesting [...] [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 16:03:37 +0000 [Comment]

The Ultimate Google+
Group members, Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups
Tags: google+, technologyby: Константин Бугайчук [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 17:20:33 -0000 [Comment]

Comparing online courses: Change11, NMFS_F11 and Toward A Literacy of Cooperation
rolandlegrand, MixedRealities
Tomorrow I’ll give a presentation at a journalism masterclass in Belgium, MasterClass IHECS 2011 – with Open Newsroom – at Eghezée (or just #MC11). The class is facilitated by Damien Van Achter. These last few months I’ve been thinking about a social media production flow for bloggers and journalists, updating regularly my presentation Conversation [Link] Mon, 26 Sep 2011 15:42:20 +0000 [Comment]

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Bloom's by Joshua Coupal on Prezi
brainysmurf, 49 - Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups, September 27, 2011.

Great content, led me on a journey of understanding big changes to Bloom's that I wasn't already aware of. :) [Comment]

eBlooms - A taxonomy for E-Learning design | E-Learning Council
brainysmurf, 49 - Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups, September 27, 2011.

SO helpful and led me on a fascinating journey this morning through other resources on digital Blooms. [Comment]

#Change11 Pedagogy, Mobile Learning and Assessment in MOOC | Learner Weblog
kevin, 49 - Best content in change11 | Diigo - Groups, September 27, 2011.

Well,thank you for your post,i think that assessment in mooc may be self-assessment,and we can assess our learning according our plan ,goals, and then we should adjust our learning path according to our self-assessment,the assessment embeded in our [Comment]


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